Sunday, November 3, 2019

October Meeting Minutes

The October 2019 meeting of the HPMS was called to order at 7:09 P.M.  There were 19 attendees.  The meeting minutes of the September meeting were read and approved.

Old Business

The HPMS was informed by Chattanooga IPMS that the matter regarding the 'special category' is resolved and that no further action is needed.

The shortening of the display table leg risers is proceeding and should be completed in plenty of time for next years HPMS show and contest.

The matter of donating kits to help veterans suffering PTSD was brought to the table.  A couple of our members who had volunteered to contact groups that deal with veterans accomplished this but have so far received no response.  The group 'Big Brothers' was mentioned as was the idea of taking kits to the VA clinic in Huntsville and placing them on a table for the taking.

The discussion of an alternate meeting place continued.  The member of the chapter who works for HEMSI mentioned that while the conference room at HEMSI headquarters is free he would have to be there and this would not always be the case.  The idea of a meeting room at a restaurant was mentioned, and while there may not be a fee involved there would be, on the part of the restaurant, the idea that the HPMS members would purchase food.  The idea was broached of utilization of the party room at an apartment complex.   HPMS has done this a couple of times in the past and it has worked, but location maybe a factor.  The decision was to continue pursue the matter.  

New Business

No New Business was brought to the floor.

Show and Tell 

Martin Burkey - Three new items. Bandai 1/5000th Star Destroyer, 1/48th scale Eduard P-51D Mustang, and 1/48th Caracal decals for the SR-71 'Blackbird. 
Scott Ridley - 1/72nd scale Modelcollect M983A2 HEMIT.  Built out-of-box.  Had to modify some parts for fit.  Last built military subject was 'around' 1992 or 1993.

M.E. Mueller - 1/35 scale DML M4A1.  A straight build, done as MTO, about 1943-1944 period.

Eli Geher - 1/35th scale ICM new kit of World War I Liberty Truck.  1/48th scale 3D printed tail  group for Vans RV-4 homebuilt.

Tom Clark - Muleskinner 14 1/72nd scale Apollo 27 Group Build.  U. S. Navy transport, basically 1/72nd Apollo 27 kit, PVC pipe, styrene dinner ware and lots of plastruct.

Bruce O'Gorman - 1/35th scale Tamiya M151A2. WIP paint and decals, finishing in process. Applied plastic sheet for rear window.  Represents my time in Honduras.

Barbara Denza - 1/25th scale 1940 Ford Convertible.  Painted with Testors One Coat lacquer Root Beer.  Wired engine and alternator, scratch built braided radiator hoses, and added seat belts.  Flocked carpet and door kick panels.  Also added braided oil lines.

Bill Nichols - 1/72nd scale Special Hobby Fairey Barracuda.  Built mostly out-of-box.  Represents an aircraft from HMS Collosus in 1946.  1/72nd scale Hasegawa A-4E Skyhawk.  This kit is 50 years old (1969) and goes together beautifully.  I built this 'in-flight".  Base is from Coastal Kits.  AGM-45 Shrike being launched has a smoke plume made using Raton wool stretched over an acrylic rod.

Ken Denza - 1/25th scale 1965 Chevelle SS (Pro Street).  Billet aluminum wheels from Jim Padgett.  Wired tach and alternator.  The rear tubs from 1966 Nova by AMT.  Braided stainless steel heater hoses.  Custom built exhaust.  Lowered front end, added fuel lines and brake line.  Wired electric fan, flocked the carpet, added speaker grilles, and black washed the grille.  1912 Paddy Wagon.  Painted with Testors Deja Blue. Replaced engine, added spark plugs wires, wired alternator, and MSD box.  The scoop is from 1941 Willys.  Breather caps from Detail Master.  Also added seat belts.

Ed Kiker - Plastic dinosaur and mammal skeleton kits.  They are Pterosaurus, Ornithoheirus, Quetzolcoatlus, Spinasaurus Aegypticus, Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Smilodon (Sabertooth Cat), Wooly Mammoth, Glyptodon, Giant Ground Sloth, and Diotryma (Giant Terror Bird).

Correction to September meeting minutes Show and Tell  

Barbara Denza - 1/25th scale 1940 Ford Convertible (WIP).  Paint Testors One Coat-Root Beer.  Modelhaus big and little tires.  Added alternator and wired it.

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