Sunday, October 6, 2019

September Meeting Minutes

      The September meeting of the HPMS was called to order on 9 September at 7:05 P.M.  There were 16 attendees.  The minutes of the August 2019 meeting were read and approved.

Old Business

     The IPMS National Convention held in Chattanooga, Tennessee was discussed.  Those of our chapter that attended this event enjoyed it and spent money.  Our chapter was suppose to provide the award for and judge the special category that themed around the 50th anniversary of the landing on the moon.  As it turned out HPMS did not judge the special category and Chattanooga IPMS supplied the award.  After further discussion it was decided that HPMS would attempt to reimburse Chattanooga for the special category ward.

      Our show and contest was evaluated.  We a total of 302 entries in the contest and 69 entrants.  We were in the positive on the monetary side.  The vendors had no comments regarding the tax forms, appears they are used to them by now.  The vendor table spacing did appear to be tight, so that is something that will have to be watched next time.  There was discussion regarding the height of our display tables with the final result being that we will shorten the table risers to 16 inches.

      The subject to donate money to veterans organizations that assists in the recovery of military personnel who have PTSD was brought up.  The idea that we could donate kits to such organizations was also mentioned.    We did recently acquire a large amount of paints, model tools, figure kits, and figure related items, through Tom Clark, from a veteran dealing with PTSD, but who found it was not a good route for him.  This event generated a question as to what complexity of kits we would donate, relatively basic 'starter kits' or or others that vary in complexity.  One of our members volunteered to take point and would contact the organization Still Serving Veterans.

New Business   

      There is a contest and model show Little Rock, Arkansas 28 September, not if any of the chapter people will, distance matter.

      Hotel Reservations for the IPMS National Convention 2020 accepted beginning 10 September.  The convention will be 27 July thru 1 August 2020 in San Antonio, Texas. The convention hotel has already been booked solid.

      The chapter maybe relocating to a new meeting place.  We were holding our meetings at The Deep on the first Wednesday of each month.  The problem was it was 'game night' and the second floor area was noisy.  We changed to the first Monday of each month as there was not a lot gamers  on that night so it was relatively quite.  For whatever reason that has changed.  During the course it was mentioned that one of our members who is involved with HEMSI said one time that the meeting room in their office building could be made available.  Further research will need to be done on this.

      The September 'build night' will be 16 September, 6:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. at The Deep comic book and game store. 

Show and Tell 

Curt Haskell - Presented the 1/48th scale P-38 Lighting kit.  He won this at the IPMS National Convention, the kit is a pre-production run.  This is a  Tamiya kit and is then early P-38.

Robert Osborne - World War II Toons Pershing, was built for a friend.

Andy Brezinski - 1/25th scale 'smoker' trailer.  This will be all scratch built and will be towed by his recently completed 1/25th scale Cleveland Browns Chevy pick-up truck. 

Bill Nichols - 1/72nd Special Hobby Fairey Barracuda.  Being built mainly OOB, except for the vacuform canopy he had to make when he broke the kit canopy.  Also had a space craft kit to show.

Ken Denza - 1/25th scale Revell 1965 Chevelle SS Pro Street.  Paint is Tamiya Coral Blue.  The engine, alternator, electric fan, and tach are all wired.  Also flocked the interior and added seatbelts.  The trim is done in bare metal, also polished aluminum drive shaft.  Added speaker grills, back half is from the 66 Nova tubs.  Added fuel line and brake lines.  Billet aluminum oil filter.

Blake Parker - 1/72nd scale space transport - Original concept for near-future Lunar/Low Gravity, No atmosphere Planetary body.  Design almost entirely designed in MS Word using "shapes" function plus nose  section borrowed from Star Trek shuttle craft.  Plastics parts taken from 1/200th scale Saturn rocket kits or thermoformed from scrap plastic material.  1/72nd space shuttle cutaway - Altered paint scheme to reflect early Atlantis (Previously Discovery).  Added Real Space Models decal set and scratch built figures.  Currently scratch building Magellan Venus orbiter payload based on paper model template.   

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