Sunday, November 25, 2018

November Meeting Minutes

The November 2018 meeting of the HPMS was called to order on 5 November at 7:00 P.M.  There were 12 attendees.  The meeting minutes for the October 2018 were read.  There was a correction to the October meeting minutes that will be posted in this months meeting minutes.  The October meeting minutes were approved with the to be posted correction noted.

Old Business

The donation to the IPMS Region 12 will be sent this month.  This going to an event that was put on by the Spartanburg South Carolina chapter.

New Business

 A motion was placed on the floor for the chapter to contribute to the Marine Corps 'Toys for Tots' Christmas operation.  The motion was approved and the chapter will donate $300.00.

The subject of election of officers for 2019 was was placed in discussion.  I, Ray Bushnell, will stay on as secretary.  The chapter treasurer was not at the meeting so what his intentions are is not known.  The offices of president and vice president were discussed, but final decision, or so it appears, will not rendered until the December meeting.  There are enough IPMS national members in the chapter to fill officer positions.

 The renewal of the charter for the chapter was also brought to the table.  This subject dovetails with the status of chapter officers.  The chapter charter will be renewed for 2019.

The subject of the 2019 show and contest was also brought to the floor.  The chapter will stay with the late August date.  As Skip Hassler as assisted in securing the use of the JC Building he will do this task.  A new banner without the year designation, i.e. 42nd, 43rd, 44th, etc. was discussed.  Tom Clark will do research regarding this to include contacting other chapters.  The subject of sales tax was brought up, this included the aspect of who collects the sales tax from the vendors, what governmental levels are involved, and what are responsibility is as a part of a larger national organization with no real property.   After much discussion it was decided that research would conducted regarding this subject.

Correction to the October 2018 Chapter Meeting Minutes

The mention was made that the chapter had received a 'thank you' note for flowers that the chapter sent to a funeral.  The funeral that was noted was that of Toney Campbell.  This was incorrect.  The funeral was for the father of Randall Cox, a member of this chapter.

Show and Tell

Martin Burky - 3D printed SLS, scale was not known, primed and painted.

Tom Clark - 1/72nd scale Apollo 27 build.  In progress, being built as a deep space cargo hauler

Eli Geher - 1/72 scale Slingsbury Venture T2.  This an out-of-box build, an Aeroclub kit.

Bruce O'Gorman - 1/1000th Polar Lights USS Defiant from Star Trek Deep Space 9.  This is completed.  1/100th scale Lunar Landing.  The model is Heller LEM kit and a lunar surface base.  Applied tin foil to lower portion for look of gold insulation.     

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