Sunday, April 30, 2017

April Meeting Minutes

 The April meeting of HPMS was called to order at 7:00 P.M., 3 April, 2017.  There were 15 attendees.

Old Business

   The first item discussed was where and when to place announcements for out 2017 show and contest, this aggravated by short lead time we have.  There was discussion of placing announcements in both Fine Scale Modeler and Scale Auto. The cost for announcements in both magazines would be $70.00.  There were also concerns about the build time between issue dates of the magazines, when people would receive them, and our show date.  A point was taken that as of now the only issue of FSM that our announcement would appear in is the September issue which will be sent out in July.  I believe the final decision was to put an announcement in FSM.  There was also discussion on placing an announcement in the IPMS USA Journal.

   The status of contest material and other assets required for the accomplishment of the show was discussed.  Currently an inventory has not been completed.

New Business

   The subject of HPMS sponsoring trophy package for the IPMS National Convention at Chattanooga, Tennessee in 2018 was discussed.  The nature of the package would depend on the ideas of the host IPMS chapter or an idea that we may have.  The idea of having Marshal Space Flight Center involved was put forth, particularly should the package be a space, sci fi, or a rocket/missile category.  A member of HPMS who works at MSFC volunteered to contact the function at Marshal that would be concerned with this task.

  The subject of HPMS sponsoring a trophy package for the IPMS National Convention at Omaha, Nebraska this year was discussed.  What the package would be would depend on the category although a category of 'Real Space' was mentioned.  The chapter secretary was tasked with contacting the Omaha IPMS.

  The chapter president announced that should anyone need a name tag tell him and he would have them made.

  A report on the  Anniston model show and contest was made.  Basically, a lot of models with what appeared to be more armor then aircraft. 

Show and Tell

Skip - A boat model from an individual collection

Ed Kiker - Six models of the Statue of Liberty remodeled in various configurations and dress.  This is based on 'what if' scenarios that ran from the United States losing World War II to the statue being forgotten and falling apart, sort of 'Planet of the Apes'.

Andy Brezinski - Further work on his Freightliner FLD 120, weathered chassis, lot of good detail.

Dan Thompson - Space Ship Bifrost 1/300 scale.  This model is based on a spacecraft as described in Farmer in the Sky  by Robert A. Heinlein.  Model was scratch built using a 1/72 scale V-2 rocket model.

Vincent Lewis - 1/100 scale Sazabi Ver Ka Gunda, in the process of weathering and customizing the model, work looked good.

Trevor Bennett - Had two new model kits, an X-47B, a type of UAV and a F-35C.  Also had a new book about M-1A1, Vol 1 by Sabot Publications

Martin Burkey - 1/48th scale Monogram P-51B; Horizon Mercury Redstone Rocket; 1/48th scale Hobby Boss SU-27; Assorted decals.  Gave a demonstration of rare earth magnets for a Star Destroyer model.

Tom Clark - 1/35th scale Tamiya M-41 Walker 'Bulldog' tank with the theme "Too Much Weathering...?".  Was to go into the humor in modeling category at the Nashville, TN show.

Ed Maslin - 'Panic Stop' diorama less the police car, definitely an interesting piece of work when finished.

A Final Note

   This does not have to do with HPMS but it is an aspect of involvement with IPMS that adds to the value of membership at all levels.  We have all meet, in the course of attending various IPMS functions, notable people from aviation, space programs, and the military.  There are sometimes though when we find out, sometimes years later, that there are people in our own chapters that have had interesting lives.  

    I have been involved with IPMS since the early 1970s beginning in the Cleveland, Ohio area.  I was initially in the first IPMS chapter in Cleveland.  One of the people in that chapter was Andy Vidra.  He was an older man and as time went on I found out that he had been an aircraft mechanic in the Army Air Force during World War II.  He had fought in the Philippines, was captured and survived to Death March.  I never asked him about what happened to him during the course of his confinement by the Japanese.  Andy is no longer with alive.

   The April issue of the Western Reserve Chapter news letter, Page 4, had a small piece about Andy and a picture.  This picture has appeared in numerous books about the fall of the Philippines and the Death March.  I will no longer look at that picture in the same way.  When I look at pictures with Paul Tibbets in them I can say that I have met that man.  Now, when I look at this particular picture of the Death March I can say I knew that man, the one to the right foreground with his arms raised.  I have attached that page.  

- Ray Bushnell

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