Sunday, October 30, 2016

October Meeting Minutes

October Meeting Minutes

Meeting convened in the upper floor of the The Deep on 4 October.

Old Business

Contest Wrap-Up

Overall the contest went well. We had 331 entries, which is up from last year, and 78 entrants. We even managed to make a minor profit. The winners were:

  • Best Aircraft: F-84 Thunderjet, Rich van Zandt
  • Best Armor: Australian M113 Mine Clearer, Tony Zadro
  • Best Auto: 1949 Mercury Custom Wagon, Steve Linngren
  • Best Miscellaneous: "Rapid Advancement" diorama, Tony Zadro
  • Special "Vintage Model" Category: Supermarine Spitfire MK VIII, Ron Campbell
  • Juniors: 2013 Camaro ZL-1, David Salkil
We had table risers (courtesy of Ed Maslin and Chuck Davenport). Ed had made 36 tables-worth of risers when Chuck didn't have enough. We still need enough for at least 18 more tables (One of the things evident from the layout was that 7 rows of 9 tables is bit too crowded, so a 7x8 layout will be used next year.)

Other topics raised:

  • The Vintage category seemed particularly popular, so there seems to be some interest in another Out of the Box or Special Category next year.
  • Lighting seemed lower this time, and only 1 our 4 tubes appeared to be running in the overhead lights. 
  • The paper certificates were discussed. They were a major component in keeping the show affordable (trophies are the single biggest cost for the contest.) There was one negative feedback over them via Facebook, and we had been asked if we would continue with them next year.
  • The free tables did not seem to attract any more vendors this year than last, and we had a significant last-minute rush at the end, after the "free" period had ended. 
  • Tom Clark proposed adding a "Good Job" or similar award/commendation, possibly printed on a postcard, as another alternative for the judges to recognize work that might otherwise go unmentioned.
  • Since we can't seem to give away more than 40 vendor tables, how about setting aside some tables for other non-profit organizations that have similar interests to our at the next contest? (Veteran's Museum, Mustang Club, Saving Our Flying Heritage, etc)
  • We have also lost the parking from the east side of the building due to the removal of the runways, so parking will be a bit more crowded from here on out.

New Business

The Frist Center for the Arts has (had) an exhibit of Italian automobiles representing the "Italian Automotive Renaissance", and Tom Clark, Eli Geher and Curt Haskell went. There was also follow-up to the Lane Motor Museum which had put on complementary display from their selection of Italian automobiles. The group recommended the display (which was on for another weekend) for even the non-car guys.

Tom Clark received another request for help in locating a source for disposing of kits, and asked for suggestions so he could put together a list to help with future requests.

Show & Tell

Tom Clark had his M41 Walker Bulldog. It had been entered in the "Vintage" category at the show, so it was built Out of the Box. Tom finished it with the "Ammo by Mig" paint system, with a "modulated" paint scheme, and used the "chipping" method to simulate rust on the mufflers.
Eli Geher made a cockpit insert for 1/144 DC-4s to fill the cockpit cavity, and made a mold of it to make replicating the insert easier in the future.

Will Thorston continues with the never-ending Pzr IV H in 1/16 build, continuing to lay the smack-down on with that paintjob.

Mike Mueller brought in a old kit of the Monogram 1/24th Super Mod kit. This was old work, but he had reworked the tires from being whitewalls to something better resembling the real wheels.

September Meeting Minutes

September Meeting Minutes

Contest Business

  • Dave Lanteigne reported approximately 25 tables confirmed with a deposit prior to the contest, with another 5-10 unconfirmed.
  • Tom Clark set up an order page for contest related T-shirts 
  • Setup will begin Friday at 1:00 pm.
  • Chuck Davenport has offered to bring several sets of table risers (PVC leg extensions) for the contest.

New Business

IPMS Nationals (Columbia) Report:

  • John Wade took a First in SciFi/Fantasy (Class 605b) for for his Porco Rosso seaplan in 1/48th. Eli Geher took a 3rd in Out of The Box Airliners.
  • Members that went reported a good show overall.

Chattanooga has won the bid for the 2019 IPMS Nationals. Tom Clark proposed the following:
  1. That HPMS make a formal offer of support to the Chattanooga chapter for the Nationals;
  2. That HPMS offer to sponsor a trophy honoring the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing;
  3. That HPMS undertake a club build for the 2019 Nationals.
Items 1 and 2 were voted on and passed by the club, with 3 pending more discussion.

Show & Tell 

  • Trevor Bennett brought in his nearly completed Husky model.
  • Scott Jeffries had his A6M model
  • Ray Bushnell had his 2 1/2 ton and Ford GPA "amphjeep"
  • Mike Mueller had his Sherman V "Fankensherman"

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