Monday, July 18, 2016

Club Meeting - 11 July 2016

Meeting convened at 7:00 PM at The Deep, President Ed "The Head" Maslin presiding.

Old Business


Tom, Dave and Ray all manned the HPMS table at HAMACON in June (see the posts regarding that). All reported a moderate level of interest in the group and the contest in September, which is usual. The Make-and-Take went well. The robot kits went first, indicating that more of those might be needed next time. There was also a shortage of sprue cutters - we had about 4-5 people per set of cutters at the event.


  • The contest is now listed on Craigslist.
  • The art for the quarterpage ad in the IPMS Journal has been submitted.
  • Tom reported several questions about the Vintage Kits category.
  • Tables have not been moving quickly, which may be a function of the Nationals (first week in August).
  • Tom still has to research the trophies but has come up with some prototype artwork.
  • Martin and Tom put together an article on the vintage kit category, which is up on the website and Facebook.
  • Tom also sent the show flyer and Vintage Kits article out to the other Region III POC's.
  • Suggested Head Judges:
    • Armor - Tom Clark
    • Auto - Eli Geher (as volunteered by the membership at large)
    • Aircraft - Phil Cassibry
    • Miscellaneous - Dan Thompson (reluctantly)
  • Tom expanded on a suggestion that the club document the Vintage Kits category, with an idea to write an article for the Journal on the event. Tom will bring his portable photo stage, but with him acting as the Armor Head Judge, he is looking for somebody to handle the photography.
  • Tom will contact Clay at Mastermind if they are interested in representing Grex at the show.

New Business


The IPMS Nationals are in Columbia, SC, 3-6 August. Tom Clark, Will Thorson, Skip Hassler and Eli Geher are planning on going. Tom reported on an offer from another modeler (received online) offering a ride to the convention to the group. Tom will be taking flyers for the contest to the Nationals. 

New Members

Three new(is) members showed up for the meeting:
  • Will Thorson, new to Huntsville, from Washington state, and builds armor
  • Trevor Bennet, works at NASA in their model shop(!), also does armor
  • Joe Singletary, who does figures. 
Welcome guys!

Show and Tell

Tom Clark - Brought some of the kits built at HAMACON.
Mike Mueller - Brought a vintage Revell Horch command car kit (no, he's not building it for the contest)
Ray Bushnell - Brought an in-progress amphibious jeep, and a B-29 he's working on for the Museum. He's using a Lite-Brite peg for the wingtip lights, and found out that they don't stretch when heated like sprue does.... He also had the beginnings of an 81-mm mortar position that he's building out of a salvaged model railroad layout.
Will Thorson - Brought some of his body of work. A Tasca M4A3 done as a weathering and equipping experiment, a TAKOM Chieftain Mk II in OPFOR markings, and an Academy Sheridan with the Fruimodel metal tracks. He also brought the Merit G5 Soviet Torpedo Boat kit, which shows what happens when an aircraft designer gets involved in the ship design business.
Martin Burkey - Brought a built-up Discovery model he found online, and some aircraft including a P-40, and two P-51's. He was contrasting the two kits (one of which was a Pro-Modeller) and their level of detail and design.
Joe Singletary - Brought two figures: a Front Royal Aussie infantryman, and a WW 1 American serviceman in Italy.
Trevor Bennet - Brought his in-process Bronco Huskie minesweeper and some books

Sunday, July 3, 2016

The Original USS Enterprise

After a long restoration, the original USS Enterprise is back on display at the Smithsonian

Photo courtesy of Trek Core

Contest judge: "No Aztecing. Inaccurate colors. Crooked panel lines. Disqualified."

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