Thursday, April 28, 2016

Stump the Chumps - April Edition

So I saw this in Brunswick, GA last weekend. Any guesses to what it is?

Answer - It's a Fuji Heavy Industries LM-2, a derivative of the Beech T-34 used for training and liaison work by the various branches of the Japanese Self Defense Force in the 1960s. It's essentially a T-34 Mentor modified to seat 4 people.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

April Meeting Minutes

Meeting convened approximately 7:00 PM at the Deep, President Ed Maslin presiding. After the reading of the March minutes, the meeting opened for business:

Old Business

2016 Contest

Tom Clark read the minutes from the last contest subcommittee meeting:
- Typical expenses for a contest:
  • $525 for the facility
  • $47 for a business license
  • $70 for forms (which is not every year)
  • $1415 for trophies 
  • $100 for miscellaneous expenses.
For 2016, we anticipate approximately $700 in income ($500 in entry fees, and $200 in tables). The club has decided to restrict trophy expenditures to $500 for the contest. Dave Lanteigne has priced certificates (professionally printed on good stock paper) for 1, 2 and 3rd place to be about $70. The committee recommended getting something more substantive for the Best Of and Special Category awards, with a goal of about $60 for each trophy. Tom and Dave took an action to investigate some of the options available (like engraved acrylic trophies, etc). The committee also recommended that magazine advertising remain the same (FSM and Scale Auto for the issue immediately before the contest, and the free IPMS ad), and to investigate getting more exposure locally through community announcements at radio and TV stations.

One concern (witnessed at a recent contest) was the fact that modern vendors are heavily dependent on the internet, an interruption to the wifi can seriously impact them. The Huntsville Library has wifi hotspots for rent, $10 for a week. It was recommended that the club obtain one or two before the contest and have them available for the vendors to use.

The club also discussed having a silent raffle at the contest, and having forms that invite critiques from the judges. This last was rejected because of the time and effort involved.

Other Old Business

At the March meeting, it was decided to sponsor the Real Space category at the Columbia Nationals. The contact information was provided to the club treasurer for action.

New Business


The club has supported a Make-and-Take event at Hama-con for the last two years, and this year will be taking over the event, procuring kits to support the activity and conducting it. Tom Clark did some research and determined that sufficient suitable kits can be procured for approximately $200. The club voted and accepted the motion to conduct the make-and-take, with the understanding that we will lose about $50 for the event.

Anniston Show Report

Several club members attended. Overall, attendance and entries seemed about average (approximately 300 models were entered) and vendors were well represented.

Show and Tell

Ed Kiker brought a sample of simulated sand floor on a rubber mat, that could be used to simulate a larger scale desert terrain. It was procured from the pet store, where it is used in lizard habitats. Ed also brought 1965 vintage Focke-Wulf Condor and Dornier Pfiel kits.

Tom Clark brought his custom-painted AR.drone hull.

Andy Brezinski brought the sleeper cab and scratch-built toolboxes for his Intergraph "Enhanced 911" demo truck. Looking good!

Eli Geher had his kit of a Fairchild UC-61Forwarder.

Ed Maslin had his latest abomination creation - converting a Star Trek Scorpion fighter into a sports car. 

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