Sunday, February 7, 2016

Minutes from the February Meeting

Meeting convened on the upper floor of The Deep on our new day, the 1st Monday of the month. The room was noticeably less crowded and noise level for discussion much better. 

Old Business
Minutes from the last official meeting (December) were read. No old business carried over from last year.

New Business
- The club is officially chartered in the IPMS for the year 2016. The club secretary thanked everybody for responding to his call for IPMS membership information in order to get the charter processed.

- There was a contest report on Chattanooga (8 January 2016) from Tom Clark and John Wade.
- Tom handed out cards to the vendors with contact information for the probable 2016 show. Most were from enthusiastic to polite, but one vendor was critical of the way the show was handled last year and refused to come. 
- John heard several negative comments on our show, relating to quality and number of vendors, and the judging. Which led to the next topic.

- The 2016 contest. The only available date for the Jaycees building is 24 September. This news and the information uncovered at Chattanooga led to a long discussion on the next contest. In the last several years the vendor attendance has dropped by about 1/3rd. Contest entries have stayed constant at about 270-300 for several years, with about 90 "usual suspects" entering. After much discussion it was decided to set up a side group to discuss how the show may be improved and how to counter the declining vendor attendance.

- The show committee will meet on Wednesday, 17 February, at 6:30 pm at the Main Library,  Library Foundation Conference Room. 

Show and Tell
Scott Jefferies brought some armor books, a Ro 57bis kit (biscuit?), and a DIII by Eduard.

Elie Geher brought the Roden DC-3 he is working on, to add to his growing fleet.

Andy Brezinski brought the vacuforming "buck" for the bed he is adding to the sleeper cab for his epic Intergraph truck scratch build. He also had the satellite antenna mount, built from a ping-pong ball.

Ed Maslin brought the Corvette he built with his grandson, and his latest Frankencar. This one combines a spare Volkswagen Beetle body with the frame from a '32 Ford and the interior from a die cast car. And yes, it has the engine in front. That whirring sound you hear is Dr. Ferdinand at about 3200 rpm.

Ed Kiker had the beginnings of of his "Flight of the Phoenix" diorama, with a crashed C-82 and an aircraft improvised from one nacelle and both wings. 

Martin Burkey had several new 3D printed kits, including a couple of Romulan warbirds, an ISS model and some replacement Mercury capsules for the old "Man in Space" rocket collection.

Tom Clark brought some kits he got at Chattanooga (a Whippet Mark I, a Skoda PA-II armored car, and an AMX-10RC), something from Japan (the Edelweiss, a tank from an alternate version of the Second World War) and his in-process SF3D armor suit, which he is now referring to as "Topsy" since it started as the base for a painting experiment and "just sorta growed."

Coming Events
AMPS Atlanta - 9 February 
Mad Model Party - 15 February, The Deep
IPMS Atlanta - 19 March (Region III Regional)
IPMS Nationals, Columbia, SC - 3-6 August

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