Sunday, December 20, 2015

November/December Minutes

First, the November minutes, as sketched out by Club Treasurer, David Lanteigne:

At the November meeting, in the absence of the secretary, I took somesketchy notes. I was a little late, and a conversation had alreadystarted about a problem with judging at our show, and how the lack ofjudges was due, in part, to the absence of some our Cookevilleregulars. I had a question about a further reduction of categories,but Andy said our categories are fine. The existing slate of officerswas re-nominated, pending further nominations tonight. The club votedfor a $200 donation to Toys for Tots. The show in Murfreesboro wascoming the following weekend. There was a brief discussion of ourholiday dinner; Alfie recommended Terranova's. Show and tellincluded magazine photos of Andy's pace car winner from the Nats.
For December, I thought I had saved the notes, but apparently not. From memory:

  • The officers for 2016 are the same as 2015, by popular acclamation.
  • The donation to Toys for Tots was carried out.
  • The HPMS Holiday Dinner will be at Macaroni Grill, 15 January at 6:30 pm.
  • Starting in February, the Club Meeting will change to the first Monday, 7:00 PM, at the Deep. The swap meet  (6 January) will be the last Wednesday meeting.

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