Sunday, November 1, 2015

October 2015 - Club Meeting

Meeting convened at The Deep on October 7

Post Contest Wrap-Up 

Tom Clark provided a breakdown of materials needed for the next contest:

  • Dots
  • Table covering
  • Judging forms
  • Need a wire stand for one sign
Other observations:

  • Need to change the OOB rules to include the requirement for instructions (the category description includes the requirement for instructions, but it is not the contest rules). It was also recommended that the category placards for the OOB categories include that requirement.
  • Dave asked some of the people attending, and none asked confessed to coming out due to the radio ads.
  • There were a couple of fumbles with the vendors. The google phone number was intended to be a direct line to vendor coordinator, but instead it remained with the club secretary who then forwarded messages to the coordinators (Dave and Scott). There were a couple of instances where there was some confusion about whether a vendor had been contacted or not. Also, Tom did not get regular updates about table sales to update the website with.
  • The contest needs to be more visible on the website.
  • The contest broke even or a little better this year, but if the current reduction in vendors continues (40 versus the past 60 tables) we are going to be seeing $500 less a year income. We should look at reducing expenses, the biggest being the trophies, and spending less on the raffle prizes.
  • John Ward expressed some concerns about the quality of judging he observed. This led to a long discussion about the difficulties in arranging judges beforehand, or controlling the level of quality or qualification of the judges, particularly with the club membership levels. This will probably be brought up again.

New business

  • Nominations for officers for next year will be open at the November meeting, with voting in December. 

Show & Tell

Rick brought his "Calvin Meets Barney" diorama, and went over the construction process. The dinosaur was a Tamiya Tyrannosaurus, the saucer was a Lindbergh UFO, and Calvin was sculpted from scratch from Sculpey.

Eli had the remains of the last bequest to the club, for disposal to whomever wanted them.

Andy had an AMT van to be stretched that he intends to stretch, and some components from the custom cab for his Intergraph demonstration truck. In particular he explained how he had constructed the "tuck and roll" padding in the sleeping cab by sanding the edges of square styrene strip.

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