Monday, July 13, 2015

July Meeting Minutes

The July Meeting of the HPMS convened approximately 7:00 PM at The Deep, with nine members in attendance.

Old Business: 
The contest dominated old business. Tom Clark has placed the ads for FineScale and ScaleAuto Modeler, and the IPMS Journal.

Dave Lanteigne and Scott Jeffries have taken over the Vendor Coordinator duties from Phil Cassibry (and the club thanks him for his efforts in the past). Solicitations have been sent out to the "usual suspects" for the contest vendors. Chris Merseal of CRM will not be attending due to a conflict with a show in Austin, TX.

New Business:
HamaCon. Once again, the club had a display table at HamaCon. The display went alright, but the Make-and-Take didn't. The kits had been supplied by HamaCon, and unfortunately a number of them were glue-only kits, and none had been provided. The club decided after some discussion that, if we participate next year, we will take over the Make-and-Take and make sure the correct kits are provided. The club did get an invitation to the Triana Arts Festival.

Nationals: Eli Geher, Andy Brezinski and Skip Hassler are all going to Columbus, OH for the 2015 Nationals.  Dave will be providing contest flyers for Skip to delivery.

Show and Tell:

Curt had the metal H0229 he had been working on at HamaCon. He has most of an engine complete!

Andy brought his Intergraph Enhanced 911 truck, and he is working on the compartment that went between the cab and trailer.

Mike Mueller has finished his P-40F, with transparent sprue for the antenna and copper wire for the post-and-loop gunsight.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

June Meeting Minutes

Meeting convened at The Deep, approximately 7:00 PM.
Old Business:
There was continued discussion about preparations for the upcoming contest. Tom Clark will take care of the artwork for the awards, with a goal to complete the art by August.

Tom will also place ads for the contest in FineScale and Scale Auto Modeler, and a quarter-page ad in the IPMS Journal.

HPMS has been formally asked to provide support to a Make-and-Take at Hama-Con again this year, with a badges for the participants and a table for display. Ray will man the table Friday afternoon, Tom, Dave and Curt will be there Saturday, and Clay will take Sunday. 

New Business:
No new business
Show and Tell:
Scott Jeffries had two rebuilds of Japanese fighters from Otaki; a Ki-84 and a Ki-43. He also had a kit of a Salmson 2A2 by GasPatch 

Ed Kiker had a model of the raised bed garden he's  building at his home right now.

Ed Maslin brought in a van model that he is using as a prototype of a full-scale modification project he's working on.

Clay Williams  had another commission he's working on - an XP-59 Airacomet in a Navy paint scheme (which would make it a YF2L-1). It's an older kit, so Clay was mentioning all the filling and sanding and filling and sanding....

Andy Brezinski brought in a pair of trailer kits by Moebius, which they have just introduced. 

Mike Mueller had his in-process P-40F update, which is the AMT kit with AMTech resin nose for a Merlin-engined version version

Curt Haskell brought his in-process steampunk submarine. Shiny!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

HPMS at Hama-Con

For the second year, HPMS conducted a Make-and-Take at Hama-con, and operated a table display.

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