Wednesday, December 17, 2014

That's one Rafale-M pilot who had to change his underwear after landing...

Thursday, December 11, 2014

October Meeting Photos

Club Minutes, 3 December 2014

HPMS December Meeting

Meeting Called to Order: 7:00 P.M.    10 members present

Old Business

The chapter has had a problem with one of the vendor’s checks from the October show, Phil will contact the vendor to resolve the problem.

Tom Clark is in the process of creating a new chapter web site.  This is still in the development stage and he will let us know when it is operational.

There is also a GOOGLE E-mail site being worked on, still in the test phase.  Until the GOOGLE E-mail function is operational we will continue to use YAHOO groups.

New Business

The election of chapter officers was brought to the floor.  Basically the current slate of officers was retained in office except for the position of Vice President/Vendor Liaison.  Phil stated that he no longer wanted to be in this function.  Scott had expressed interest in the position, but was not at this meeting.  Dave then expressed an interest in the VP position, but that would leave a vacant treasurer’s position.  The two positions were looked at from the standpoint of attendance at meetings and duties of the respective position.  The duties of the VP in the chapter are such that attendance at the meetings becomes important, particularly around the time of the October show and contest.  The duties of the treasurer are such that they can be accomplished without regular meeting attendance.  Thus, Scott’s job is such that he travels, but Dave does not have such a situation.  The decision was made that Phil would remain in the VP position into the first two months of 2015 and the resolving of this situation would take with Scott at a future meeting.

Toys for Tots donation accomplished.

The chapter dinner will be held at the Macaroni Grill on 9 January 2015.  Let John know via the YAHOO Groups E-mail regarding your attendance.

Show and Tell

Mike – Had two 1/24 scale tires that he made using open cast, two part resin mold, good results.

Andy – Lengthened frame rails for a 1/24th scale truck model, reinforced the frame joint splice on the inside.  Battery box supports were fabricated from plastic angle stock.  Additional cross members were required and he made these on a 3D printer, looked good.  Also showed two paint masks fabricated from this sheet aluminum that he used in the re-paint of an older car model.

John – Showed us a metal model of an F-105 jet fighter.  This may have been the concept model for an early F-105.  Two screw holes and cut out on the bottom of the fuselage indicate that it may have been mounted on some sort of stand.  In excellent condition, scale not determined.  Was given to John by a contractor that is working on his house and the contractor obtained it from a house that was being demolished.

Ed – Brought in a sample of the new Bare Metal foil.  The foil is a bit thicker than the regular Bare Metal foil and appears hard to conform around some shapes.  Also talked about his work with a silver tip fine line Pilot pen, thin medium, flows too well, but usable.  Other colors are available.  Also had a Monogram 1/24th scale 1925 Ford 5 Window Tall T, may use the body from this kit on the frame of a die cast car model.

Martin – Four small space ship models, among them a concept model for nuclear powered star ship.  Also had a Classic Airframe 1/48th scale F-5B and two 1/72nd scale Bandai kits of space craft from the ‘Star War’ movies.  They are Tie Advanced X1 and an X-Wing Starfighter.       

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