Monday, March 16, 2015

Another Mad Model Party Begins!

You've got an hour to get down to The Deep and join us for the next Mad Model Party!

Be there, or be square.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Minutes for the March 2015 Meeting of the Huntsville Plastic Modelers Society

Meeting convened approximately 7 PM with 11 members present, despite threats of apocalyptic weather.

Old Business
Contest - Scott Jeffries and Dave Lantienge will be working with Phil Cassibry to take over his duties as vendor coordinator for the upcoming contest. Phil will be transferring all the files he has to them for next year.

Tom Clark handed out flyers for the contest to all the vendors at Chattanooga last month, and had a generally positive reception from most of them about attendance. Tom has already talked to the regional coordinator about our date, and will be submitting the information to the Local Chapter Coordinator to get the even listed on the IPMS website.

Flyers for our contest can be found here. Please use them wherever you can!

New Business
Hama-con - The club elected to support Hama-con again this year, sometime in June. Dave will be contacting Michelle Timon about details.

Nationals Categories - The club elected to support a trophy pack at the 2015 Nationals this year, and submitted for category 600 (Real Spacecraft, Missiles, and Vehicles), with 698 (Out-of-the-Box Space & Science-Fiction Vehicles) as an alternate.
Show and Tell

Scott brought an old La-5 he built long ago, and the Spitfire he started at the last Iron Modeler bur failed to finish in time. He also brought a recently acquired "Grail" kit - an 1/48 MPM He-114 "Grief" Hitech. He also reported that the Ki-49 has been exiled to the Island of Lost Toys for the time being.

John Wade brought in a LukGraph kit of a Boulton Paul Bodmin - an aircraft so rare that nobody even knows what a "Bodmin" is. (It turns out it's a town in England. Or maybe the moor nearby.)

Ed brought in a VW beetle he bought as built-up model and has subjected to his tender mercies. Which has included in chopping the roof, installing a NASCAR engine and suspension and new wheels, fenders and running boards. The comment was made that you could provide electricity to a small community if you hooked a generator up to Doctor-Professor Ferdinand.

Skip brought in a old Strombecker model of a Sikorsky S-38 he acquired from E-bay. Wood for the win, baby!

Tom had a variety of 1/20 scale female figure to use in his MaK3D kits. He also had a kit from the Space Battleship Yamato reboot, and a Meng 1/35 FT-17 kit he had bought at Chattanooga.

Andy had the frame of his Intergraph truck chassis, with all the built-up assemblies before installing the pre-drive shaft. Andy used aluminum tape for the hose clamps. He reported that the cab is ready to be painted, but didn't bring it.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Neither rain, nor sleet, nor dead of night...

We're convening at The Deep and casting our defiance into the teeth of the storm! I hope we don't need it back...

Monday, February 16, 2015

Contest Flyers found at Chattanooga

Some flyers I found at Chattanooga last week:

Atlanta Con 2015 - 21 March 2015, Marietta, GA
Phantom Phurball - 4 April 2015, Anniston, AL
White Water Classic - 18 April 2015, Cleveland, TN
33rd Annual Smoky Mountain Mini-Con - 25 April 2015, Knoxville, TN
Scottcon & Region 3 Convention - 6 June 2015, Warner Robins, GA
2015 Virginia Shootout - 15 August 2015, Roanoke, VA

Monday, February 9, 2015

February Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order at 7:01 P.M. with 11 members present.
Dave Lanteigne mentioned that a final decision had been made regarding the Vice President duties and the he and Scott Jeffries divide them for the foreseeable future.

Old Business

New Business

 The date for the 2015 Show and Contest is set for 26 September, 2015.  We were not able to obtain the first weekend in October as that was already spoken for.  Dave stated documentation for the use of the Jaycees Building had been given to them with other applicable documentation pending.  The possible absence of people from the Memphis Tennessee area was mentioned as there is a show and contest taking place in Arkansas on the same day;

The cache of models that were given to the chapter have been inventoried and their condition determined.  Basically, kits that were not in the construction phase, partially built, parts removed from the trees, and with partial paint work would be used in the show raffle.  This also includes three air brush kits still their boxes.  The remainder of the kits would be available to the chapter members with an appreciated donation to the chapter.  A motion was presented regarding this decision, the option was seconded, and passed.

 There is still some website work to be done on the new website so continue to use the Yahoo groups for E-mails.

 The subject of participation in Hamacon 2015 was mentioned, the set-up and criteria would be the same as 2014.  There was discussion regarding what the chapter got out of participation in the 2014 Homocon with the final conclusion being that we did have visibility and that an organization of and for plastic modelers exists.  There was no final decision made on the matter.

Show and Tell

ANDY - The extended frame for his 1/24th scale truck was looking good, painted.  This the one he had the make additional frame members for.

ED - Displayed three Chevy Corvette models in different scales but all were painted the same color, a sort of maroon.  One was 1/16th scale, formally an R.C. car that he had gutted and reworked.  The other was Hot Wheels car, about 1/64th scale, that had been yellow and black, and the third was a 1/24th scale Corvette.  Ed also answered a question regarding the finish and he answered that he used a mix of 60% thinner and 40% clear gloss to seal the finish.

MARK -  Displayed a 1/48th scale P-47N conversion that is nearly completed, looks quite good.  He added extra  detail to the engine with excellent results.  He also had a model of a Redstone missile, not sure of the scale,  that is going into a flag case for his father.

MARTIN - Brought in several kits, a 1/48th scale Academy F-4J Phantom, a resin kit of a Klingon 'Bird of Prey' that was designed for the 'Star Trek series but was never used, the design is by a Pierre Drolet .  He also had a 1/72nd scale MPC Eagle Transporter, Deluxe Edition that was from the TV si-fi show "Space 1999".  And last a 1/144th scale 'The Dragonfly' from the Jonny Quest si-fi show.  The kit is from Moebius.