Monday, April 16, 2018

March Meeting Minutes

      The March 2018 meeting of HPMS was called to order on 5 March at 7:-00 P.M.   There were 11 attendees.

Old Business

      A motion was made and seconded that the kit HPMS will use for the group build for the 2019 IPMS National Convention will be the Pegasus Hobbies 1/72nd scale Apollo 27.

      Regarding kits for the Help Heal Veterans organization, it was mentioned that kits were collected and that one of our members took them to be shipped.  That individual was not at the meeting so no further status is known.

      Per Tom Clark, the art work for 2018 show and contest has been accomplished, we have flyers and some will taken to the  Anniston show and contest.  The contest page should be accomplished by the end of the week.

New Business

      Tom Clark brought to the floor that we are having problems with Yahoo Groups function that we are on.  The one noticeable problem is the calendar function that shows chapter meetings and build night.  There was discussion and among the items mentioned was going to a Goggle group site.  There was mention that the Goggle calendar function may also have problems.  The idea of the input of a manual calendar was mentioned.  Tom Clark said he would explore the Goggle calendar.

     The discussion turned to our 2018 show and contest.  The notice in Fine Scale Modeler  magazine discussed as was a time to look at what supplies for the show would needed.  These tasks were placed in a 2 to 3 month time frame prior to the show.

     The March 'Build Night' will be on 19 March, 6:00 P.M., at 'The Deep' game and comic book store.


      In the meeting minutes for the February meeting I said that fee for the JC building for our 2018 show and contest had been submitted to the building management.  I was, via E-mail, corrected by Skip, the fee has not been accomplished.

Show and Tell

Tom Clark - 1/48th scale Hondajet, a civilian type executive aircraft, kit is made by Ebbro; 1/35th scale "Bishop" dropship by Industria Mechanika; 1/35th scale "Space Pawns by Industria Mechanika; Completed 1/35th scale AFS MkI and SAFS Maschinen Krieger suits; "Danboru" Ma.K. style robot.

Andy Brezinski - Aftermarket wheels for GMC 4 x 4 truck and a detail detail set for Revell Bronco, all 1/24 scale.

Dan Thompson - Sgt. S'Rock: Major conversion using the AMT C3PO kit as the base, but lots of scratch built parts.

Bruce O'Gorman - New project in process: Star Trek TOS Nomad Probe,  WIP: "Over the Hill" 30' Model 'A' Coupe (rusted), Painted bases for each, determined final concept for "Over the Hill";  Primed, puttied, and sanded. Nomad, added antenna extension. 

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