Monday, July 9, 2018

July Meeting Minutes

       The July meeting of HPMS was called to order at 7:00 P.M., 2 July.  There were 12 Attendees.  The meeting minutes of the June meeting were read noting corrections E-mailed to members by the chapter president.  The minutes were approved by the membership.

Old Business

       The subject of a club pin was brought to the floor.  This is still open as Tom Clark has not had a chance to research the matter.

       Trophies for the 2018 chapter show and contest was discussed.  The alternate vendor that was mentioned by Skip has not been researched.  This did not seem to be a pressing issue as we still have the vendor we used in 2017 available and short turn-around time would not be a problem.  There was mention regarding the design and material for 'Best of Show' trophies.

       The chapter did not participate in Hamacom this year as we were not contacted by that event.

New Business

       The matter of preparations for the 25 August show and contest was discussed.  Basically an inventory of supplies for the show will be conducted replenished as required.  The usual SOP is in place, set-up will be Friday, 24 August beginning at 1: P.M. at the JC Building.  A recent E-mail indicated that we had 55 tables sold.  The question of the insurance certificate from the national IPMS was broached, but that should arrive shortly before the show date.

      The subject of support for the IPMS chapter in Porto Rico brought up.  There appeared to be some question as to whether we did opt to send a donation.

      The July build night will be 16 July. 6:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M. at The Deep Comic Book and Game store.

Show & Tell

Tom Clark - 1/48th scale Tamiya British 7 ton armored car, with brass details and solder wire for the lights; and one lesson - always research the subject before you start to cut parts off.  1/24th scale Fujimi garage tool set w/ walls and windows - bonanza of parts.

Andy Brezinski - 1/24th scale 1972 Chevy Cheyenne pick-up truck, slow going, just the engine completed so far.

Jerry Slaughter - 1/48th scale Academy F4U-1D Corsair.  Replica of the aircraft that 'Pappy' Boyington' was photographed in.  He never actually flew this particular aircraft according to various articles.

Charles Segab - 1/35th scale Dragon Panzer IIC., built out of box.  Started while deployed to Afghanistan in 2009 - finished  2018 - about time.

Barb Denza - 1/25th scale Revell 1949 Mercury Station Wagon. Status is work in progress - Lots of aftermarket parts.

Ken Denza - 1/25th scale Revell 1941 Willys.  Tamiya black paint.  Added fuel line, wired alternator, ,wired battery, seat belts, and fabricated oil line from oil pan to oil filter.  Also micro nitro aluminum wheels, aluminum drive shaft, and aluminum steering column.  1/25th scale 1939 Ford Tudor sedan. Tamiya Racing Blue paint.  Added fuel line, traction bars, and wired alternator and electric fan. Chassis is from Ford Courier pick-up truck.  Polished aluminum drive shaft.  

Saturday, June 16, 2018

June Meeting Minutes

    The June meeting of the HPMS was called to order on 4 June at 7:00 P.M.  There were 17 attendees.

Old Business

       Tom Clark verified that notice of our show and contest in August would appear in Fine Scale Modeler and Scale Auto. Our notice will also appear IPMS Journal.

New Business 

       Discussion regarding the 25 August show and contest was brought to the table.  The awards for this year will be then same as last year, medallions and special trophies for the best of show categories.  The question of a a rule change was brought up.  Basically the change would mean that a model that has won an award in our contest in a previous year could not enter the contest in the following year.  I am not sure what the final outcome of this discussion was.

      The subject of a club pin was brought to the floor for either use at the 2019 IPMS national convention and at our show and contest.  I believe this would replace our current name plates.  Tom Clark said he would on investigate what is available and the price.

      The subject of participation the Hamacon event in Huntsville was brought to the table.  At that time the Hamacon had not contacted the chapter and we had not contacted them.  Since our meeting E-mails have appeared and some members of the chapter will conduct a 'make-and-take' on Saturday.  There will no chapter display on the show floor.

      The IPMS National Convention is 1 thru 5 August in Phoenix, Arizona.

      The June build night is 18 June, 6:00 to 8:00 P.M. at The Deep Comic Book and Game store. 

Show and Tell

Jerry Slaughter - Renwal 1/500th scale Attack Cargo Ship(AKA).  Building to be the U.S.S. Cepheus for a friend whose father served on the U.S.S. Cepheus in World War II, will present to the family when finished.

Barb Denza - 1/25th scale 1955 Chevy Bel Air Convertible, 1932 Ford 3 Window Coupe, and 1/32nd scale 1971 Trans Am street machine.  These models were detailed, plumbed, wired, fuel lines, bare metal foil, battery cables, and seat belts.

Ken Denza - 1/25th scale 1964 Plymouth Belvedere(Pro Street), 1937 Chevy Modified, and 1929 Ford(Pro Street).  These were detailed with wired engines, chassis modifications, bare metal foil on the Belvedere, scratch built crash bar on the modified, and added seat belts.  All models are clear coated and polished.

Tom Clark - 1/144 scale Rocinante and 1/72nd scale XRV from Fantastic Plastic.  The Rocinante is a space craft from the TV show "The Expanse" and the XRV is a kit of the filming model from the old movie "Marooned".  The actual filming model from Marooned is on display at the Space & Rocket Center.

Eli Geher - 1/72nd scale S.I.P.A 10 (Arado 396) now complete.  This is a Huma kit of the Arado with minor changes to convert it to a postwar French training aircraft. 

Scott Jeffery - 1/48th scale vacuform kit of a CA.135 bis.  This was a Panacea model, had an E-Bay search set up for about 5 years, finally found one.  This will be a challenging kit to build.

Bill Nichols - 1/72nd DML DO-335 Nightfighter and a 1/72nd scale Hobby Boss DO-335.  The DML DO-335 modified with extended wings for high altitude nightfighter variant.  The Hobby Boss DO-335 is an "what if" extensively modified into a 'Reno air racer'.

Bruce O'Gorman - 1/350 scale Mobeus completed 'Lost in Space' derelict space craft with interior and exterior lighting.  Completed 1/72nd scale Apollo 27 for the Chattanooga build.  Star Trek Nomad, almost completed, but antenna keeps breaking off, the next step is to suspend it over a stand.

Martin Burkey - Decal sheets from Thomas Models for adversary aircraft.  Supermodels vinyl model rocket "skin" and resin.  Two kits, 1/144 scale Eastern Express 737-100 and Fly Models MD DC-9-32, this aircraft was operated by NASA.   

Sunday, June 3, 2018

May Meeting Minutes

   The May 2018 meeting of the HPMS was called to order at 7:00 P.M. on 7 May.  There were 14 attendees.

Old Business

There were two members of the chapter who said that they were not on the google groups and had not appeared to have been sent a google groups invitation.  The E-mails of these individuals were taken and will be passed on to Tom Clark for verification.

The chapter will use table risers during our show and contest.

Dave Lanteigne was not at the May meeting, the question of a current chapter roster remains open.

Tom Clark was not at the May meeting, but he did send out an E-mail update regarding the notice of the chapter show and contest in August to appear in Fine Scale Modeler  and Scale Auto.  He is also working with IPMS Journal  about our quarter page ad.

New Business

The IPMS Knoxville, Tennessee was discussed, people from the chapter are going and information is such that there will good vendor tables.

The build night for May will 21 May, Monday, 6:00 - 8:00 P.M. at the Deep Comic Book and Games store.

Show and Tell

Eli Geher - 1/72nd scale SIPA S.10 (French).  This is modified from a kit of Arado 396 (German).

Curt Haskell - Alliance Models steampunk submarine, box & stock; Industria Mechanika knight, knight in progress.

Skip Hassler - 1/72nd scale Revell Elco 80' PT boat kits.  One is an older issue kit in the original box, the other is a newer kit with detail improvements.

Robert Osborne - 1/48th scale Classic Airframe WWII Italian RE-2001 fighter.

Dan Thompson - 1/144 scale Thanagarian Star Cruiser.  The basic kit the Pegasus Apollo 27 kit much modified.

Ed Kiker - Kits and other items to show, give away, or sell.  1/25th scale 1957 Ford, free and complete; 1/25th scale 1966 Chevy Fleetwood pick-up truck, free, cab only, no frame; Gigantic scorpion kit to sell; Kit box from Mongram, kit-box-scale, original plastic, B-26 Invader, free; Spaceship Two kit to sell; Pin-up Army girls for show.

Bill Nichols - 1/72nd Tamiya DeHavilland Mosquito Mk. VI.  in a diorama.  Markings are for "Wag's War Wagon" pilot achieved ace status over both German and Japanese aircraft during WW II.  The model has resin cockpit, gun bays, and engine.

Bruce O'Gorman - 1/72nd scale Apollo 27 Chattanooga group build.  This painted and marked as first Klingon warp capable vessel "Qin Vagh", Klingon for multi-pointed spear head.  "Rusted and Busted" 1930 Ford coupe.  This model was entered in the Anniston model show in April and took a first place in the Non-military Diorama category.

Alphie Onuszkanycz - 1/35th scale Dragon kits of the M-752 Lance missile tracked launcher, M-727 Hawk missile  tracked launcher, and the MIM-23 Hawk missile towed launcher.

Andy Brezinski - 1/48th scale Hesagawa F-4S Phantom II, 1/25th scale AMT 1967 Shellby GT-350 Cobra car kit, and 1/72nd scale Cessna 172 on floats.

Martin Burkey - 1/350 scale Luna space ship with Tamiya 1/350th scale ship figures modified to represent astronauts; 3D printed Romulon spaceship detailed with foil, candy, and small window decals; Dinsta spaceship from 'Space Angel'.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

April Meeting Minutes

    The April 2018 meeting of the HPMS was called to order at 7:00 P.M. on 2 April.  11 members were in attendance.

Old Business

      The subject of  model model kits for the organization Help Heal Veterans was discussed.  The problem was that the mailing address for the organization was not known by Ed, who had the kits.  The mailing address has been E-mailed to him and the kits will be mailed to the organization.

      The discussion continued on the change over from Yahoo groups to Google groups.  One of the topics mentioned was that some chapter members had not received the invitation required to be placed on google groups for HPMS.  Tom Clark said it appeared that all the HPMS members were signed into google groups.  I did send Tom an E-mail asking as to where I should post the meeting minutes and his reply was to post them to both yahoo groups and google groups.  He did send me the link for google groups.

New Business

      Phil Cassibry informed the members present that had been contacted by an individual asking about the disposal of a large number of 1/48th scale military vehicle models and various scale figure sets. Phil agreed to take these and will bring to the meeting for members to look at.

      There was brought to our attention by IPMS national the use of risers for the model display tables.  Apparently there have been some complaints that the elevated tables make it difficult for individuals in wheelchairs and children to view the models.  We have used table risers at recent shows and have not had problems, just had to caution people not to lean on the tables.  Based on the notes I took at the meeting it appears this is an open question as to our use of them in our 2018 show.

      The subject of an update to the chapter membership roster was brought to the floor.  This was generated by a comment made during the discussion on being invited into HPMS at google group.  According to Tom Clark the last update was in 2015, but as new people came in their names were added to the roster.

      The May 2018 meeting for HPMS will be 7 May at 7:00 P.M.  The May 2018 Build Night will be 21 May at 6:00 P.M.

Show & Tell

Bruce O'Gorman - 1/24th scale 30' Coupe Rust Bucket (WIP); Nomad (TOS) (WIP); 1/72nd scale Apollo 27 (Klingon "QIA Vagh).  Lots of spray painting, working on HSV and Chattanooga shows.

Andy Brezinski - 1/25th scale '99' Chevy Silverado pick-up, OOB - Almost done.

Bill Nichols - 1/72nd scale Academy SR-71 Blackbird "Charlie's Problem", built to explore black basing paint methods. Includes Wolfpack resin exhausts, Metallic Details grids, and Eduard PE.  Nose gear bay is scratch rebuild.

Scott Jeffery - 1/48th scale Mig 21PF; 1/44th scale Italian sub; 1/44th scale Russian sub and 1/350th scale Natara. Mig was the Revell kit kitbashed with Academy Mig-21 Kit, new cockpit, intake configuration, drop tanks, and ntail pipe.

Phil Cassibry - British Armor Camo Books and 1/48th scale MK-52-3 Aerial Mines.  British armor camo books by expert Mike Starmer.  Three books British Army Colours in NW Europe 1936-1945, Caunter Scheme Alamein & After 1942-1943, Sicily & Italy 1943-195.  Shapeways 3-d printed 1/48th MK-52-3 Aerial Mines used on Haiphong Harbor raid May 1972, Operation Pocket Money.

Ed Maslin - 1/24th scale towing & recovery semi made from assorted give bomb semi trucks - scraps.

Tom Clark - Macross Elysion space craft.  This is the same style of kit we built at last Hamacon, detailing with paint and washes.  1/20th scale MA.K Snake Eye, mounted on base for Anniston.  Engraved styrene sheet to represent a ship hull.


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