Sunday, December 3, 2017

November Meeting Minutes

 The November meeting of HPMS was called to order  7:00 P.M. on 6 November, 2017.  There were 15 members in attendance.

Old Business

    The HPMS has submitted the request for the categories that we would like to sponsor trophy packages for in the IPMS National Convention at Phoenix, Arizona.  As of this meeting we have not received a reply from convention contact as whether the categories we would like to sponsor are available.

    The idea of a group build for the 2019 IPMS National Convention was opened to further discussion, but the decision was made to table this subject till December meeting.

New Business

     The observation was made that the January 2018 meeting of HPMS will fall on New Years Day 2018.  There was minor discussion and the decision was made to move the January 2018 meeting to 8 January, 2018.

     The chapter renewal to the national IPMS is due with the certification the HPMS have at least five IPMS national members this was determined and the renewal certification will be submitted to IPMS National.

     The subject of a donation to Toys for Tots was brought forward.  The amount of the donation was $300.00.  This was voted on and approved by the chapter members. 

     The task of nominating individuals for the officer positions in the chapter for 2018 was accomplished.  The individuals in the positions of secretary and treasurer have volunteered to remain in those positions for 2018.  The positions of president and vice president were open for nominations.  Andy Brezinski was nominated for president and Tom Clark was nominated for vice president.  Formal voting will take place at the December meeting.

     The subject of a special category for our 2018 show and contest was brought to the floor.  There were four subject areas discussed, 'hypothetical', '1918', 'Alabama Bicentennial', and 'Over the Hill'.  After further discussion it was decided that 'Over the Hill' would be the special category.  Further details regarding this category will be disseminated.

Show and Tell

Ed Maslin - 1/25th scale 1932 Ford hot rod.  Urethane finish, copper color paint and then a clear coat.

Bruce O'Gorman - 1/25th scale 1930 Ford Model 'A' Sedan.  This kitbashed from a '30 Ford coupe, '31 Ford Woody, and a '31 Rat Rod.  Bruce brought this to an earlier meeting as 'work in progress'.

Andy Bresinski - 1/25th scale 1999 Chevy Silverado.  This a 'work in progress', chassis and interior complete, the body is painted and ready to be polished out.

Eli Geher - 1/144th scale Japanese Mitsubishi 'Betty' bomber.  This is being built as a 'Betty' transport in the 'surrender' markings.

Michael King - Numerous 1/72nd scale aircraft models.  Digital F/A-18E, digital markings for the Kestrels VF CO Bird.  Also an A-26, FB-4B, and three Huey Cobras in various color schemes and markings.

Martin Burkey - 3D printed NASA SLS, this is a project for work.  Also three kits, a Meng F-35, Anigrand SR-91 Aurora, and a Bandai Red Tail.

Tom Clark - 1/35th scale Maschinen Krieger Suit, weathering of the suit completed.  Two 1/20th scale figures by Plamax, Soviet and British "military girls". 

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