Monday, September 4, 2017

August Meeting Minutes

The August 2017 meeting of the HPMS was called to order on 7 August at 7:00 P.M.  There were 16 attendees.

Old Business

    The majority of the meeting concerned the 2017 show and contest.  At this point it appears all assets required to conduct the event are on hand.  The matter of a show banner was discussed and it was decided to modify last years banner by covering the zero in the '40th' with a '1', material do this to be determined at time of setup.  As of August we have 44 vendor tables sold.  Due to a work situation, Tom Clark will not be at the JC building on Friday, 25 August for show setup.  At the meeting one of our other members who will be at the JC building on Friday took charge of the show assets.  The setup time for the show is 1:00 P.M., 25 August.

    The subject of head judges for the contest was discussed.  Tom Clark who had volunteered for head judge in the armor category stated that he was not sure if he would be back in Huntsville on 26 August.  I have said I will take it if no one else would.  Phil has said he would be head judge in the aircraft category.

    The chapter has received the required insurance documentation from IPMS national.

New Business

    The subject of reserving a date for next years show and contest was brought up.  Basically the conscientious was that we should reserve the date as early as possible.  There was discussion regarding the situation this year and what caused this.  As before it was mentioned that the chapter was told, in the past, event dates could not be asked for until after the first of the year, after 1 January, 2018.  The decision was made to ask the JC manager on the afternoon that we setup.

    We had a show report from the members that attended the IPMS National Convention in Omaha, Nebraska.  The show was large with excellent model work throughout all categories.  A large number of vendors were also present.  There were some problems with the judging, not quite sure as to the outcome of this.  The members who went showed some of the kits that they bought or won at the show raffle, everything from a 1/350 aircraft carrier kit to 1/25th scale car kits.  Kits the members who went to the nationals got, unfortunately awards none.  Oh well, there is always next years nats.

Show & Tell

Mark Saunders - Eduard 1/48th scale Russian I-16 and Yak-3.  Used MIG enamel panel line washes, happy with the results.

Trevor Bennett - M-1 ABV kit and books, also 1/35th scale MAK figures.  He is also working on ABV and figures as Diotraction Fam.  This for the 3rd ID Museum.

Vincent Lewis - Mobile POP Ball Ver. KA, this is a worker ship converted for combat.

Tom Clark - Maschinen Krieger MK1 Armor Fighting Suit and Mobius Cosmostrator.  The Cosmostrator is pre-shaded, the Acrylic finish is Tamiya Acrylics Flat Aluminum/Flat Black.  A 1/35th Maek suit in progress.

Ray Bushnell - 1/35th scale Tamiya M-5A1 Light tank retracked with AFV Club individual T16  type track set.  This M-5 was built many years ago and when removed from a diorama base the kit tracks came apart.  1/35th scale Academy M-3 Light tank, tracks are individual track shoes that are supplied with the kit.  This is a 'salvage' kit. Two 1/35 scale Italeri HMMWV, 1/35th scale 60 KW generator trailer, and 1/35th scale special purpose trailer.  These were models that were built as display models for a military program project.  The HMMWVs have signal shelters on them and the trailers are built from Evergreen stock shape material.  The shelters on the HMMWV are blocks of wood as is the 60 KW generator.      

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