Thursday, August 11, 2016

August 2016 Meeting Minutes

Meeting convened approximately 7:00 pm in the upper room at The Deep. President Ed "El Guapo" Maslin wielding the gavel.

Old Business

2016 Contest

  • Tom Clark has researched trophies, and determined that the club can get engraved acrylic trophies with a full-color logo printed on them for about $40 each, which is less than the target price of $60 each. Turnaround is less than a week. 
  • Dave Lanteigne will get the business license taken care of, and see about doing a PSA for the show.
  • Andy Brezinski thanked the volunteer (and volunteered) head judges for the contest, and asked for designated alternates:
    • Armor - Ray Bushnell
    • Auto - Ed Maslin
    • Aircraft - Mark Saunders
    • Misc - to be named later
    • Guidance for the judges: Use the IPMS rules, and HPMS rules where they differ; stick around after judging; and sign the category judging sheets
  • Tom contacted Clay at Mastermind Models, and they will support a Grex table and demonstration at the show.
  • The show table layout needs to be looked at to accommodate the special category, and the slot-car track that Pete Shreves will likely bring. Likewise, there may be cake as well.
  • Tom will do inventory on the contest supplies and identify anything that needs replacement/replenishment.

New Business

  • Tom Clark proposed a group trip to the Frist Center in Nashville to see the exhibit on Italian sports cars that is there until 10 October. Tom will submit a questionnaire to the mailing list to see who might be interested.

Show and Tell

  • Tom Clark brought two small figures from Hangar 18 Miniatures. The figures are based off of artwork by a pin-up artist named Andrew Bawidamann. Tom had the unassembled Cosmonaut and Tiger Tank Girl figures.
  • Andy Brezinski had the completed cab of his Intergraph "Enhanced 911" Demonstration truck, with a complete interior. 
  • Mark Saunders had his MiG 19 and an F-16. The MiG is being metalized, and Mark talked about his experiments with metalizer and undercoats. The F-16 is being painted as the original General Dynamics YF-16 demonstrator for the "Vintage" category at the contest.
  • Eli Geher had his completed Martin 404 airliner, an low-production turboprop that first brought him to Huntsville (in Southern Airways markings).
  • Will Thorson brought his SU-76, an in process M3 Bradley scout vehicle, and a 1/16 Panzer IV.
  • Trevor Bennett brought a number of things to establish his modeling creds: an M2A3 Bradley with BUSK, a Panther mine trawl, a T-62, an MRAP All-Terrain Vehicle, a Zaku II mech, a zombie-crushing LAV, a Czech anti-aircraft vehicle, his in-process Husky mine detector, and a sports car.

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