Sunday, June 26, 2016

June Meeting Minutes

The June meeting of the Huntsville Plastic Modelers Society was called to order about 7 pm at The Deep.

Old Business

Hamacon will be 17-19 June at the VBC, and HPMS will be having a table and conducting the Make-n-Take. Ray will man the table Friday, on Saturday  Tom & Dave and possibly Kurt will man the table and conduct the Make-n-Take. No personnel will be required for Sunday.  It was decided to print a banner, and show flyers. Dave was going to call Michell Timon about the badges for the table crew. Tom has the Make-n-Take kits, and Dave has the tools. Tom was going to update the Facebook and Blogspot pages.

40th Contest

It was suggested after some discussion to post an article with some clarification of the vintage kit category rules. 
Dave announced that nine tables have been confirmed so far.  
There was some discussion about the Facebook page for HPMS, and possibly starting a group to enable the users share content.
Tom will produce the certificate designs, and research trophies for the Best Of and Special categories.. 
The group also discussed doing PSAs on the local radio stations, and posting the event on Craigslist.

New business 

The July meeting will be moved from the 1st Monday (July 4) to the second Monday (July 11) to avoid conflict with the holiday. Also, the September meeting will be moved from September 5 (Labor Day) to September 12.

The meeting also had a new member - Cliff Kirby, who builds wooden ships. Welcome, Cliff!

Show & Tell

Tom had a set of "mini hands" made from flex lines that had been offered on Kickstarter.
Mark brought his MiG 17, and an F-16 for comparison.
Andy brought in some sample of previous HPMS trophies, to illustrate the size creep that has taken place.
Dave brought some of his Wonderfest loot 
Scott brought the Monogram P-47 he's working on (it's from 1977, so it just misses the special category cut-off), and some of his wargaming miniatures for Dirtside, II
Cliff brought photos of ships he has built.
Skip brought a kit of the elusive Bristol Bulldog, a little-known biplane fighter from between the wars.
Mike brought his Grant M3A5.

Ed brought the Scorpion shuttle that he has been modifying into a hot rod to show off his progress.

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