Wednesday, October 11, 2017

October Meeting Minutes

The October meeting of the HPMS was called to order at 7:03 P.M. on 2 October 2017 with 11 members in attendance.

 Old Business

 No old business was brought to the floor.

New Business

The subject of the 2018 show and contest was discussed.  There was discussion regarding the 25 August 2018 date.  The final outcome of which we will confirm the 25 August date with the JC building management and may stay with an August date for the foreseeable future.  A point of disseminating the contest and show information on the IPMS website as soon as possible was brought up.  This then prompted the question of a vendor coordinator and Skip volunteered to take the tasking.  At a recent IPMS national event the IPMS national event coordinator was contacted and the 25 August 2018 date was open.  

The subject of contest trophies for any future show and contest was brought to the floor.  The use of medallions in out 2017 show was considered to be better then the paper certificated of 2016.  The product of this discussion was that we may want to vary the type and nature of our trophies from year to year, cost being a factor.

The subject of special categories for the 2018 show was brought up but this subjected is tabled till the November meeting.  

The status of the Jaycee's building was discussed with the overall view being that it will around for a while based on construction taking place around it and some financial considerations on the part of the city.

A motion to sponsor a trophy package for the 2017 IPMS National Convention in Phoenix, Arizona was made and approved.  During the course of further discussion the number of trophy packages was increased to two.  Our chapter will ask to sponsor trophy packages in the categories of automotive, closed wheel and space.

The 2019 IPMS National Convention is to be held in Chattanooga, Tennessee.  There has been the idea of a group build on the part HPMS for this event.  Basically it would a specific model built by each member of the chapter, but in various variations.  The other idea would be various models built with common theme.  Further discussion is tabled till November meeting.

The October build session will be 16 October at The Deep Comic Book Store, 6:00 P.M. to 8:00 P.M.  Evening meal at Stalinos Sub Shop 5:15 P.M. to 6:00 P.M.

Michaels Craft Store has a 50% off coupon, good thru 7 October.

Show & Tell

Tom Clark - Pegasus "Cosmostrator" was weathered with Ammo Oil.  SF3D 1/35th scale suits using hairspray masking to represent paint chipping.  Effect looked good.

Trevor Bennett - Gundam 1/100th scale MS-18E Kampfer and a 1/120th scale Mak LUM-168 Camel, both new purchase.

Vincent Lewis - "Gundam stuff" RGM-96X Jesta, RGM-79SP Sniper II and Anti Material Sniper Sets

Andy Brezinski - 1/25th scale 1999 Chevy Silverado and various parts that had been painted.  Andy gave description of the paint, what he was trying to achieve, and what end result was. 

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

September Meeting Minutes

   The September 2017 meeting of the HPMS was called to order at 7:01 P.M. by the chapter secretary, the chapter president was not in  attendance.  There were 11 attendees.

Old Business

    There was a post show and contest AAR.  There was some disappointment in the judging, this seemed to center on the 'Best of Show' trophy in the automotive category.  After some discussion the 'judges decisions are final' was invoked.  There is no final figure as to the amount of revenue from the show, but the figures rests some where between $1,300.00 and $1,600.00.  There was some discussion about better color differentiation on the medallions and adding a place number on any future medallions that are used as awards.  The was discussion regarding the speed of the registration process.  The observation was made that our registration process did not differ significantly from that of other chapters and that having the registration forms on line so that participants could accomplish them in advance helped.  We sold 55 tables at this years show.

   During the course of setting up for the show one of our chapter officers and a chapter member talked the management at the JC Building about next years show date.  The JC management was asked about our usual October weekend date but our people were told the date already been booked by another organization.  Our people were also informed that it was no longer required that organizations wait after the first of the year to book event dates.  This requirement had been revoked a couple of years ago.  The management did say that we should keep in contact with the them to see if there is a cancellation such that a later date should become available.  As it stands right now 25 August, 2018 will be the next show.  There was a discussion about the late date, the overall feeling was that we had done well this year with the August date, despite the fact that the IPMS national had been only a month earlier.  The 2018 show will be our 42nd show and contest.

New Business

    One of the vendors, after the show was over, gave the chapter a box of after market products.  The products are of an older type and consists photo etch, decals, and resin.  These are available to members of the chapter.

   Tom Clark had some contest flyers from other chapters and will post them on line.

   The Southern Nationals Auto Show will be on 4 November, 2017.  This a cars-only model show.

   The Commemorative Air Force will have a static display of their aircraft 7 & 8 October, 2017 at Atlanta, Georgia. 

Show & Tell

Andy Brezinski - 1/25th Scale Freightliner FLD 120 and Great Dane 531 Trailer in the livery of C R England trucking

Bruce O'Gorman - Revell/Mongram Red Baron hot rod w/ WWI Fokker Tri Plane, Two 1930 Model Ford kits, one a Mongram kit, the other I think Revell.  These are going to be used to make a hot-rod woody and a standard 1930 Ford Model A.

Skip - AFV Club 1/35th scale M-18 'Hellcat' Tank Destroyer, work in progress.

Ray Bushnell - Italeri 1/35th scale WWII German 75MM L48 Anti-Tank Gun.  Lesson learned from building this, better to build the Tamiya kit.  Was told by one of members that the Dragon kit of this same item has its' share of problems. 


Monday, September 4, 2017

August Meeting Minutes

The August 2017 meeting of the HPMS was called to order on 7 August at 7:00 P.M.  There were 16 attendees.

Old Business

    The majority of the meeting concerned the 2017 show and contest.  At this point it appears all assets required to conduct the event are on hand.  The matter of a show banner was discussed and it was decided to modify last years banner by covering the zero in the '40th' with a '1', material do this to be determined at time of setup.  As of August we have 44 vendor tables sold.  Due to a work situation, Tom Clark will not be at the JC building on Friday, 25 August for show setup.  At the meeting one of our other members who will be at the JC building on Friday took charge of the show assets.  The setup time for the show is 1:00 P.M., 25 August.

    The subject of head judges for the contest was discussed.  Tom Clark who had volunteered for head judge in the armor category stated that he was not sure if he would be back in Huntsville on 26 August.  I have said I will take it if no one else would.  Phil has said he would be head judge in the aircraft category.

    The chapter has received the required insurance documentation from IPMS national.

New Business

    The subject of reserving a date for next years show and contest was brought up.  Basically the conscientious was that we should reserve the date as early as possible.  There was discussion regarding the situation this year and what caused this.  As before it was mentioned that the chapter was told, in the past, event dates could not be asked for until after the first of the year, after 1 January, 2018.  The decision was made to ask the JC manager on the afternoon that we setup.

    We had a show report from the members that attended the IPMS National Convention in Omaha, Nebraska.  The show was large with excellent model work throughout all categories.  A large number of vendors were also present.  There were some problems with the judging, not quite sure as to the outcome of this.  The members who went showed some of the kits that they bought or won at the show raffle, everything from a 1/350 aircraft carrier kit to 1/25th scale car kits.  Kits the members who went to the nationals got, unfortunately awards none.  Oh well, there is always next years nats.

Show & Tell

Mark Saunders - Eduard 1/48th scale Russian I-16 and Yak-3.  Used MIG enamel panel line washes, happy with the results.

Trevor Bennett - M-1 ABV kit and books, also 1/35th scale MAK figures.  He is also working on ABV and figures as Diotraction Fam.  This for the 3rd ID Museum.

Vincent Lewis - Mobile POP Ball Ver. KA, this is a worker ship converted for combat.

Tom Clark - Maschinen Krieger MK1 Armor Fighting Suit and Mobius Cosmostrator.  The Cosmostrator is pre-shaded, the Acrylic finish is Tamiya Acrylics Flat Aluminum/Flat Black.  A 1/35th Maek suit in progress.

Ray Bushnell - 1/35th scale Tamiya M-5A1 Light tank retracked with AFV Club individual T16  type track set.  This M-5 was built many years ago and when removed from a diorama base the kit tracks came apart.  1/35th scale Academy M-3 Light tank, tracks are individual track shoes that are supplied with the kit.  This is a 'salvage' kit. Two 1/35 scale Italeri HMMWV, 1/35th scale 60 KW generator trailer, and 1/35th scale special purpose trailer.  These were models that were built as display models for a military program project.  The HMMWVs have signal shelters on them and the trailers are built from Evergreen stock shape material.  The shelters on the HMMWV are blocks of wood as is the 60 KW generator.      

And that's it.....

And that's it...for another year, at least! We want to thank everybody who participated in this year's contest - contestants, vendors, spectators, and club members. Statistics are coming soon, but we had 292 294 models entered in our contest, which is about usual.
Couple of things that turned up after the contest ended:
1) Someone left a notepad with extensive notes on a variety of subjects - it obviously represents a lot of work;
2) A small plastic baggy of airplane parts and a makeup brush (not that we're judging...).
If either of these sound familiar, please contact us through the webpage and we'll see about getting them back to you.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

We are at Alert Level: Plaid. Panic is now officially authorized....

Our 41st model contest is now just 3 weeks away. Go ahead and panic if you want to - it's officially authorized.

But that would be a shame. We have some great new trophies for our winners this year.

And tables are going fast, but we still have some left. See our contest page about how to reserve one.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

July Meeting Minutes

  The July 2017 meeting of the HPMS was called to order at 6:53 P.M. with 15 attendees.

Old Business

  The subject of awards for the HPMS 2016 model show and contest was discussed and the decision was made to utilize a medallion type award.  There will be three types, gold, silver, and bronze.  This will correspond to first, second, and third place.  This will cost between $442.00 and $515.00.  The awards for best of show will consist of five acrylic type awards.  There was discussion about a neck ribbon for the medallions and/or a case or pouch to hold them.  The final decision was to add these items.  An E-mail from Tom Clark has announced that the awards have arrived.

   There is now a table layout document available for viewing on the E-mail.

   The raffle was discussed.  We have received a donation 17 helicopter from an individual, these kits are in various scales, unbuilt.  The question of whether to buy further items for the raffle brought various views to the floor.  The chapter does not have any existing stock of kits and there was a feeling that we should not invest in further assets. The decision was made to discuss this further at the August meeting.

     Inventory of operational assets for the show is still open.  The matter of a show banner for use in the JC building was discussed and tabled for the next meeting. 

    Based on E-mails, Skip was able to contact the Omaha IPMS chapter and we are sponsoring a trophy package.  The category that we are sponsoring is 153 Rotary Wing (Civil or Military).

    Our work at the Hamacon went well, we used up 18 of 24 'make & take' kits.  The people in charge of Hamacon had allocated a table for us, but we did not man it.  There was some problem with time hacks for the 'make & take' as three different documents indicated different times for the function.

New Business

   A gentleman came to our meeting with list of unbuilt kits that he has for sale.  The list was passed around the table for the members to review.

    The subject of judges for the contest was brought up.  There was a call for head judges, Tom Clark will be the head judge for the armor category and Ed Kiker will be head judge for the miscellaneous category.  Further discussion of this matter was moved to the August meeting.

    Our chapter president requested that any members that needed name tags let him know and he will have them made.

    The insurance document from the nationals had not arrived as of the July meeting.  Dave to look into it, may have gotten sent to the wrong E-mail.

    Four members of our chapter are going to the nationals in Omaha, have a safe trip, enjoy the convention, and you have many awards to bring back to Huntsville.

    A show report was given by our chapter president, Ed Maslin.  He went to a show in Memphis, was car models only which allowed for an extensive breakdown of the categories.  He showed the members an example for the awards they used, basically a wooden plaque base, onto which the certificate attached, covered a piece of clear Plexiglas, held to the base by four brass button head nails.

    Our chapter president, Ed Maslin, announced at this meeting that due to some problems he will not be president next.  He will complete this years presidential term.

Show and Tell

Ed Kiker - A diorama of a Japanese astronaut on the moon getting ready to take his T-Shot creating a karesansui, or zen rock garden, on the Moon.

Ed also brought a figure set, modified from a wedding-cake topper into a "homecoming" vignette.

Tom Clark - 1/20th scale SAFS resin interior kit for Maschinen Krieger Super Armored Fighting Suit

Ed Maslin - 1/16th scale 1931 Ford Sedan and Ford Roadster kits, plans to "mix and match".

Alphie Onuszkanycz - 1/24th, 1/25th scale trucks - these are metal collector models, converted through the use of smaller scale chassis into tractors: a  1953 Chevy pick-up converted to a medium duty tractor truck;1953 Chevy pick-up converted to a log loader truck; 1952 Chevy cab-over-engine pick-up converted to a dump truck.  He said these were for his 'garden' railroad layout.   

Andy Brezinski - Had examples of the styrene moldings from his latest Moebius Models 53-foot trailer model.

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