Sunday, November 1, 2015

October 2015 - Club Meeting

Meeting convened at The Deep on October 7

Post Contest Wrap-Up 

Tom Clark provided a breakdown of materials needed for the next contest:

  • Dots
  • Table covering
  • Judging forms
  • Need a wire stand for one sign
Other observations:

  • Need to change the OOB rules to include the requirement for instructions (the category description includes the requirement for instructions, but it is not the contest rules). It was also recommended that the category placards for the OOB categories include that requirement.
  • Dave asked some of the people attending, and none asked confessed to coming out due to the radio ads.
  • There were a couple of fumbles with the vendors. The google phone number was intended to be a direct line to vendor coordinator, but instead it remained with the club secretary who then forwarded messages to the coordinators (Dave and Scott). There were a couple of instances where there was some confusion about whether a vendor had been contacted or not. Also, Tom did not get regular updates about table sales to update the website with.
  • The contest needs to be more visible on the website.
  • The contest broke even or a little better this year, but if the current reduction in vendors continues (40 versus the past 60 tables) we are going to be seeing $500 less a year income. We should look at reducing expenses, the biggest being the trophies, and spending less on the raffle prizes.
  • John Ward expressed some concerns about the quality of judging he observed. This led to a long discussion about the difficulties in arranging judges beforehand, or controlling the level of quality or qualification of the judges, particularly with the club membership levels. This will probably be brought up again.

New business

  • Nominations for officers for next year will be open at the November meeting, with voting in December. 

Show & Tell

Rick brought his "Calvin Meets Barney" diorama, and went over the construction process. The dinosaur was a Tamiya Tyrannosaurus, the saucer was a Lindbergh UFO, and Calvin was sculpted from scratch from Sculpey.

Eli had the remains of the last bequest to the club, for disposal to whomever wanted them.

Andy had an AMT van to be stretched that he intends to stretch, and some components from the custom cab for his Intergraph demonstration truck. In particular he explained how he had constructed the "tuck and roll" padding in the sleeping cab by sanding the edges of square styrene strip.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

39th Annual Show and Contest This Weekend

We'll be having our 39th Annual Show and Contest this Saturday at the Huntsville Jaycee's Center from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. So come on down!

- Attendance is free.
- We have vendor tables available. Contact us through this website's email (hpmswebmaster at or (256) 270-0820.
- Our contest flyer is here.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

September Meeting Minutes

Meeting convened at 7:00 PM at The Deep with 15 members attending, club president Ed "Judge & Jury" Maslin presiding.

Old Business: 
Old business was consumed with the Contest.
Tom Clark had completed his inventory of the contest supplies, and found that we need a roll of crepe paper for the category dividers, and a roll of table coverings. Tom did not have the entry forms.
(Update: Dave Lanteigne had the entry forms, and we have 160 left. Tom Clark will order new forms through the printer after Labor Day).
Tom Clark has received the insurance certificate from IPMS. Dave has the business license, and these will be provided to the Jaycees management before the contest.
As of the meeting, we only had approximately 25 table reservations. Dave will be on travel for the next two weeks and Scott Jeffreys will take over table management.
The club has very few or no raffle models on hand. The club voted to allocate $250 to procure models, John Wade will see about getting our money's worth online first.
Setup for the contest will start at 1:00 PM on Friday, 25 September.

New Business:
No new business.

Show and Tell:
Ed "Improv" Kiker had his model of the Crystal Cave of Niaca, Mexico. The outer shell is fiberglass formed over a master, and the outside sprayed with "granite" spray paint. The large crysals are real gypsum crystals (the same material as the crystals in the real cave) and the smaller ones are plastic. The figures are modified Preiser Ground Crew figures, fitted with environment suits and breathing masks. 

Tom "MaK" Clark had his current Maschinen Kreiger/SF3D kitbash, tentatively named the Minotaur.

Andy "Truckstop" Brezinski had a pair of the new pickup kits from Moebius, representing late 1960- early 1970's Ford pickups (F-100 and Ranger). Between the two you can make just about every level of trim for a Ford pickup of the era.

Eli "Antique" Geher had a model of the old Monogram UH-1C "Huey Hog" gunship he was building for the musuem. He condemned the kit with words its mother would not approve of.

Pete Shreves had a pair of cars he had built to get back into the swing of things, and a Mach kit of the Amiot 340 he plans on building. Scott Jeffreys contested the idea that any model could be built out of what comes in the Mach box.

Any other show-and-tell reports were lost due to eequipment failure. The operator apologizes.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

August Meeting Minutes

Meeting convened at The Deep, with 15 attending

Old Business:
Tom Clark has finished the trophy artwork and will be sending it to NuImage for printing. The price will be the same as last year.
Vendors: As of the meeting, 9 tables had been sold. Dave Lanteigne and Scott Jeffries will be handing off duties when Dave goes on a trip before the show.
Tom will do inventory before next meeting, but he knows we need a new roll of table covering.
Setup for the contest will begin at 1300 on Friday, 25 September.

New Business:
Nationals report by the attendees:
Andy Brezinski got a 3rd place for his Indy pace car.
Dan Thompson got 3 awards for his models.
2700 models entered overall.

Show and Tell:
Andy - show winner: '48 Chevy Indy Pace Car,  and decals for  future truck models. His '56 DeSoto got photographed at the Nationals. We'll keep an eye out for it.

John Wade had an Anigrand 1/72 Boeing Clipper 314 resin kit with aftermarket engines, and a second mortgage on his house.

Phil Cassibry had a Meteor F.8 with resin aftermarket intakes, with plans to do it in Korean War colors.

Skip Hassler - Had LED lights  he bought for his Optivisor: Because new tools are almost as good as models.

Tom Clark had an SF3D kit he's been working on, and photos of his father's gas station, circa 1948.

Alfie - Brought in several resin trucks in railroad scale, which he had bodies for couldn't find frames to fit. He found metal models of a Renault and other makes in 1/32 that fit. The trucks will be going on a 60x120 ft layout.

Eli Geher - Brought a UPS 757 and a Swissair DC-9 that had gone to the Nationals. The  757 Minicraft (UPS) had engine alignment problems. The DC-9 is a FlyModels kit with TwoSix decals.

Ed Maslin had a Mercury diecast minus wheels and tires and a station wagon piggy bank that he may take undue liberties with.

Monday, July 13, 2015

July Meeting Minutes

The July Meeting of the HPMS convened approximately 7:00 PM at The Deep, with nine members in attendance.

Old Business: 
The contest dominated old business. Tom Clark has placed the ads for FineScale and ScaleAuto Modeler, and the IPMS Journal.

Dave Lanteigne and Scott Jeffries have taken over the Vendor Coordinator duties from Phil Cassibry (and the club thanks him for his efforts in the past). Solicitations have been sent out to the "usual suspects" for the contest vendors. Chris Merseal of CRM will not be attending due to a conflict with a show in Austin, TX.

New Business:
HamaCon. Once again, the club had a display table at HamaCon. The display went alright, but the Make-and-Take didn't. The kits had been supplied by HamaCon, and unfortunately a number of them were glue-only kits, and none had been provided. The club decided after some discussion that, if we participate next year, we will take over the Make-and-Take and make sure the correct kits are provided. The club did get an invitation to the Triana Arts Festival.

Nationals: Eli Geher, Andy Brezinski and Skip Hassler are all going to Columbus, OH for the 2015 Nationals.  Dave will be providing contest flyers for Skip to delivery.

Show and Tell:

Curt had the metal H0229 he had been working on at HamaCon. He has most of an engine complete!

Andy brought his Intergraph Enhanced 911 truck, and he is working on the compartment that went between the cab and trailer.

Mike Mueller has finished his P-40F, with transparent sprue for the antenna and copper wire for the post-and-loop gunsight.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

June Meeting Minutes

Meeting convened at The Deep, approximately 7:00 PM.
Old Business:
There was continued discussion about preparations for the upcoming contest. Tom Clark will take care of the artwork for the awards, with a goal to complete the art by August.

Tom will also place ads for the contest in FineScale and Scale Auto Modeler, and a quarter-page ad in the IPMS Journal.

HPMS has been formally asked to provide support to a Make-and-Take at Hama-Con again this year, with a badges for the participants and a table for display. Ray will man the table Friday afternoon, Tom, Dave and Curt will be there Saturday, and Clay will take Sunday. 

New Business:
No new business
Show and Tell:
Scott Jeffries had two rebuilds of Japanese fighters from Otaki; a Ki-84 and a Ki-43. He also had a kit of a Salmson 2A2 by GasPatch 

Ed Kiker had a model of the raised bed garden he's  building at his home right now.

Ed Maslin brought in a van model that he is using as a prototype of a full-scale modification project he's working on.

Clay Williams  had another commission he's working on - an XP-59 Airacomet in a Navy paint scheme (which would make it a YF2L-1). It's an older kit, so Clay was mentioning all the filling and sanding and filling and sanding....

Andy Brezinski brought in a pair of trailer kits by Moebius, which they have just introduced. 

Mike Mueller had his in-process P-40F update, which is the AMT kit with AMTech resin nose for a Merlin-engined version version

Curt Haskell brought his in-process steampunk submarine. Shiny!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

HPMS at Hama-Con

For the second year, HPMS conducted a Make-and-Take at Hama-con, and operated a table display.