Sunday, April 30, 2017

April Meeting Minutes

 The April meeting of HPMS was called to order at 7:00 P.M., 3 April, 2017.  There were 15 attendees.

Old Business

   The first item discussed was where and when to place announcements for out 2017 show and contest, this aggravated by short lead time we have.  There was discussion of placing announcements in both Fine Scale Modeler and Scale Auto. The cost for announcements in both magazines would be $70.00.  There were also concerns about the build time between issue dates of the magazines, when people would receive them, and our show date.  A point was taken that as of now the only issue of FSM that our announcement would appear in is the September issue which will be sent out in July.  I believe the final decision was to put an announcement in FSM.  There was also discussion on placing an announcement in the IPMS USA Journal.

   The status of contest material and other assets required for the accomplishment of the show was discussed.  Currently an inventory has not been completed.

New Business

   The subject of HPMS sponsoring trophy package for the IPMS National Convention at Chattanooga, Tennessee in 2018 was discussed.  The nature of the package would depend on the ideas of the host IPMS chapter or an idea that we may have.  The idea of having Marshal Space Flight Center involved was put forth, particularly should the package be a space, sci fi, or a rocket/missile category.  A member of HPMS who works at MSFC volunteered to contact the function at Marshal that would be concerned with this task.

  The subject of HPMS sponsoring a trophy package for the IPMS National Convention at Omaha, Nebraska this year was discussed.  What the package would be would depend on the category although a category of 'Real Space' was mentioned.  The chapter secretary was tasked with contacting the Omaha IPMS.

  The chapter president announced that should anyone need a name tag tell him and he would have them made.

  A report on the  Anniston model show and contest was made.  Basically, a lot of models with what appeared to be more armor then aircraft. 

Show and Tell

Skip - A boat model from an individual collection

Ed Kiker - Six models of the Statue of Liberty remodeled in various configurations and dress.  This is based on 'what if' scenarios that ran from the United States losing World War II to the statue being forgotten and falling apart, sort of 'Planet of the Apes'.

Andy Brezinski - Further work on his Freightliner FLD 120, weathered chassis, lot of good detail.

Dan Thompson - Space Ship Bifrost 1/300 scale.  This model is based on a spacecraft as described in Farmer in the Sky  by Robert A. Heinlein.  Model was scratch built using a 1/72 scale V-2 rocket model.

Vincent Lewis - 1/100 scale Sazabi Ver Ka Gunda, in the process of weathering and customizing the model, work looked good.

Trevor Bennett - Had two new model kits, an X-47B, a type of UAV and a F-35C.  Also had a new book about M-1A1, Vol 1 by Sabot Publications

Martin Burkey - 1/48th scale Monogram P-51B; Horizon Mercury Redstone Rocket; 1/48th scale Hobby Boss SU-27; Assorted decals.  Gave a demonstration of rare earth magnets for a Star Destroyer model.

Tom Clark - 1/35th scale Tamiya M-41 Walker 'Bulldog' tank with the theme "Too Much Weathering...?".  Was to go into the humor in modeling category at the Nashville, TN show.

Ed Maslin - 'Panic Stop' diorama less the police car, definitely an interesting piece of work when finished.

A Final Note

   This does not have to do with HPMS but it is an aspect of involvement with IPMS that adds to the value of membership at all levels.  We have all meet, in the course of attending various IPMS functions, notable people from aviation, space programs, and the military.  There are sometimes though when we find out, sometimes years later, that there are people in our own chapters that have had interesting lives.  

    I have been involved with IPMS since the early 1970s beginning in the Cleveland, Ohio area.  I was initially in the first IPMS chapter in Cleveland.  One of the people in that chapter was Andy Vidra.  He was an older man and as time went on I found out that he had been an aircraft mechanic in the Army Air Force during World War II.  He had fought in the Philippines, was captured and survived to Death March.  I never asked him about what happened to him during the course of his confinement by the Japanese.  Andy is no longer with alive.

   The April issue of the Western Reserve Chapter news letter, Page 4, had a small piece about Andy and a picture.  This picture has appeared in numerous books about the fall of the Philippines and the Death March.  I will no longer look at that picture in the same way.  When I look at pictures with Paul Tibbets in them I can say that I have met that man.  Now, when I look at this particular picture of the Death March I can say I knew that man, the one to the right foreground with his arms raised.  I have attached that page.  

- Ray Bushnell

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Meeting Minutes, 3 March 2017

The March meeting of the HPMS was called to order at 7:00 PM, 6 March 2017 with 12 members in attendance.

New Business

After much online conversation via E-mail the chapter has decided not to accept the task of building the model of the CSS Alabama for the Alabama bicentennial event. There was some discussion of utilizing existing models that members have as part of an existing display should we be asked to.
The IPMS national convention is scheduled to be held in Chattanooga in 2019 and two ways that HPMS could be involved in this were discussed. The first was the idea of a 'club' build for this event. There was mention that a club 'build' had been done a number of years ago for an event. The decision at this point was to table this until the time when we are closer to the actual convention time. The second was a trophy package for this convention. The theme of this package would center around the 50th anniversary of the landing on the moon in 1969 noting the part Huntsville and the Marshal Space Flight Center played in this accomplishment. The idea of calling it the 'Rocket Man Award' was discussed as was the idea that HPMS would 'own' the award. This was also decided to be tabled until we are closer to the actual event.
Due to the booking situation at the Jaycee's building the HPMS show and contest for 2017 is to be held on 26 August 2017, this does not give us a great amount of time to prepare. A discussion regarding fees for tables and contest model entries was discussed. The decision was made to use the 2015 table fees, but changes were made in the model entry fees. This was based on the idea of increasing the number of contest models covered in the initial fee. This breaks down as 5 model entries for $10.00 and then $1.00 for each model after the first 5. The junior category would $1.00 for each model entered with $3.00 being the top amount a junior would have to pay. The idea of a special contest category was discussed with the idea of 'Paper' entities. 'Paper' would be models of items that did achieve production status but a prototype was built, examples of this would be the Sargent York vehicle or the F-107 jet fighter. These would all have to be real world items not science fiction or space items. A vendor coordinator was asked for and Skip volunteered.

Show Report

A number of HPMS members attended to show and contest in Atlanta, GA. There was good amount of model on the tables with a heavy turn out of figure models. The vendor turn out was light and was not viewed as impressive, appeared to be a clearance of older stock items.

Show and Tell

Trevor Bennet - Dragon 1/35 scale M-60A3 tank with interior. Trevor is working on an after market engine compartment for this model, impressive work. He also had the 1/35 scale Husky that he entered in the Atlanta show and took the best U. S. military vehicle award.
Andy Brezinski - Andy has done further work on the chassis of his FLD 120 Freightliner, looked good. He also explained how he had to modify European type truck wheel hubs to the American configuration. Also showed weathering and dull coat work on the parts he displayed.
Martin Burkey - Martin brought a number of items to the meeting. Johnny Quest Dragon Flay, KA Models 1/350th scale carrier crew figures, 1/350 scale Lone Star Models tanks, Bobcat 1/48th scale YAK-28, Kitty Hawk 1/48th scale Banshee jet fighter, Roden 1/48th scale T-28, Shapeways Tyderion Shuttle nose, and a number of decal sheets, reflective, for various applications and decal sheets of aircraft markings.
A note on the February Show and Tell. One of our new members, I did not obtain his name, came to the meeting late with a diorama that will be impressive when he completes it. The main piece is an X-Wing fighter placed in a maintenance bay. The X-fighter was a toy, in which he fabricated the interiors. He has to fabricate the walls for the maintenance bay and added 
some other details.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

HPMS Facebook Group

HPMS now has a Facebook group, where members can share photos and articles!

February Meeting Minutes

The February meeting of the HPMS was commenced at 7:00 PM on 6 February with 11 members in attendance.  There had been no January meeting as this was the annual swap meeting among the chapter members.

Old Business

No old business was presented at the meeting.

New Business

The main action of the meeting was the presentation of an inquiry by Arley McCormick who is involved in the Alabama 200 year anniversary celebrations to take place in Huntsville.  He asked if the chapter would take on then task of building a plastic ship model of the C.S.S. Alabama.  Once the model was  completed there would be dedication ceremony at the Depot in Huntsville and the model would be placed in veterans memorial museum.  There was no final decision made at this meeting as to whether the chapter would accept the tasking.  There were questions and concerns were raised and it was felt that further discussion needed to take place.

   A report regarding the the model show and contest at Chattanooga was given.  Basically it was felt that the show smaller then in years past although it was noted that weather may have been a factor in this situation.  Will Thorson from our chapter was there with an entry but did not take an award.


Ed Kiker - 1/72nd scale aircraft kit of an experimental World War II German jet.  Dioramas of archaeologists working at Pompeii, Italy uncovering body casts of volcano victims.  Diorama of Naica crystal caves in Mexico with huge crystals.  Plastic toy cabin cruiser with 1/35th scale armament, the U. S. S. Donald Trump.

Andy Brezinski - Engine from the Integraph truck that he is building, good detail and good weathering.  Chrome exhaust stack for same truck model, had problem with the chrome process, but came out well.

Tom Clark - Had show flyers for the Anniston show and contest, 1 April, and Louisville, KY, 20 May.  He also had a MK 25G "Gargoyle" resin kit.

Martin Burky - Shape Ways 3D printed Star Trek Romulan ship from a computer game Great design.

Dan Thompson - 1/700th scale Royal Australian Navy Armidale patrol boat, unbuilt kit.

Michael E. Mueller - Brought in some car kits for Ed, 1964 AMT Mercury, Monogram 1974 - 78 Chevrolet 4 WD Pick-Up truck, and Monogram 1970 Racing Corvette.     


Saturday, December 31, 2016

December Meeting Minutes - 5 December 2016

Meeting convened approximately 7:00 PM in the upper floor of The Deep. 14 members attending.

Old Business

The club officers for the next year are:

  • President - Ed "Big Daddy" Maslin
  • Vice President - Scott "Jester" Jeffery
  • Treasurer - David "Moneybags" Lanteigne
  • Secretary - Ray "Redhorse" Bushnell
The club is officially re-chartered for 2017. Tom Clark (as his final act as club secretary) thanked everybody who responded to his query about IPMS memberships as part of building the charter package for renewal. He also took the time to update the club roster.

After asking if the store will be open, it was decided to go ahead with the scheduled meeting on Monday, 2 January, which will be the club's annual swap meet and exchange.

New Business

The annual New Year's club dinner has not been scheduled yet, but the club voted to hold it at El Coyote. Details to follow as soon as we make them up. 

Show & Tell

Scott Jeffery brought a Classic Airframes Hudson model, and was looking for the instructions. Several club members made suggestions for possible places to find them online.

Dan Thompson brought a 1/700 scale HMAS Defiance model he is working on, with a scratchbuilt mast and modified deck guns.

Trevor Bennett brought the MaK Gro├čer Hund kit he just got.

Will Thorson brought the latest chapter in his 1/16 Panzer IV H build, having added tracks to the front for added armor, including Sherman and T-34 links, and of course....more weathering.

Tom Clark brought a sketchbook by Kow Yokoyama, which he hopes to find inspiration in, and big jar of powdered graphite, which he shared with the club members.

Martin Burkey brought the Monogram Mustang and P-40 he had planned to enter into the contest. He also had a collection of kits, including a Shapeways 3D printed Romulan Aelahl cruiser, a Revell 1/48 P-47B, Eduard Hawker Tempest and Bf109G9, a Kinetic F/A-18C, a Kittyhawk F8F-8 Cougar, and a Roden T-28.

Ed Maslin brought in a kit of the Gravedigger monster truck and a convertible as built by his grandson.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

November Meeting Minutes

The November  HPMS meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM on 7 November with 14 people present.

  Old Business

    Additional raisers are needed and it was decided to enough such that we would not need to require an outside source.  Ed said he would make them and it was agreed the club would reimburse him for cost of materials.  There was also discussion regarding proper installation of the raisers on the table legs with agreement that the raisers needed to be installed properly to insure a stable platform for model display.

   The issue of relations between the chapter and vendors was discussed.  There were some ideas brought forth, but it was decided to table this discussion until early next year.

New Business

  A motion was made to donate $100.00 to the Toys for Tots drive.  This action was approved by the attending personnel.

  The chapter annual dinner was discussed.  The problems with the quality of service at the establishment where last years dinner was held at were mentioned and it was decided that new location be found for this years dinner.  Location and other details to follow.  The eatery El Coyote was suggested.

  Nominations for the functionary posts within the chapter were discussed.  As it appears right now Ed will remain president and Dave will continue to function as treasure.  Tom Clark has stated he will not hold any office for this year and I have agreed to move into the secretary position.  The VP position is still in question as it is not known if our current VP will want to continue as VP.  Any voting on position will be accomplished at the December meeting.

Show and Tell

Phil - 1/25th scale Pontiac, looked good but there was a good bit of work and problems.  1/24th scale Italaerei Freightliner FLD120, basically an out-of-the-box project, the frame painted and pretty much complete.

Will - 1/16th scale Dragon German World War II Panzer Mark IV, Auf H tank, pretty much painted and interior done but plans to add more weathering.

Ed - Showed results and explained how to make louvers for car models.

Eli - Displayed an award from the model contest and show held at Murfreesboro, a very nice medallion in a case, not sure what place the award was for.

Trevor - 1/35th scale Dragon German World War II Mark VI, Auf B tank.  The was built and painted based on pictures of a vehicle of this type that was captured and operated by American forces during the closing stages of World War II.

Dan - Aviation magazines and calendars that were free for the taking.

Sunday, October 30, 2016

October Meeting Minutes

October Meeting Minutes

Meeting convened in the upper floor of the The Deep on 4 October.

Old Business

Contest Wrap-Up

Overall the contest went well. We had 331 entries, which is up from last year, and 78 entrants. We even managed to make a minor profit. The winners were:

  • Best Aircraft: F-84 Thunderjet, Rich van Zandt
  • Best Armor: Australian M113 Mine Clearer, Tony Zadro
  • Best Auto: 1949 Mercury Custom Wagon, Steve Linngren
  • Best Miscellaneous: "Rapid Advancement" diorama, Tony Zadro
  • Special "Vintage Model" Category: Supermarine Spitfire MK VIII, Ron Campbell
  • Juniors: 2013 Camaro ZL-1, David Salkil
We had table risers (courtesy of Ed Maslin and Chuck Davenport). Ed had made 36 tables-worth of risers when Chuck didn't have enough. We still need enough for at least 18 more tables (One of the things evident from the layout was that 7 rows of 9 tables is bit too crowded, so a 7x8 layout will be used next year.)

Other topics raised:

  • The Vintage category seemed particularly popular, so there seems to be some interest in another Out of the Box or Special Category next year.
  • Lighting seemed lower this time, and only 1 our 4 tubes appeared to be running in the overhead lights. 
  • The paper certificates were discussed. They were a major component in keeping the show affordable (trophies are the single biggest cost for the contest.) There was one negative feedback over them via Facebook, and we had been asked if we would continue with them next year.
  • The free tables did not seem to attract any more vendors this year than last, and we had a significant last-minute rush at the end, after the "free" period had ended. 
  • Tom Clark proposed adding a "Good Job" or similar award/commendation, possibly printed on a postcard, as another alternative for the judges to recognize work that might otherwise go unmentioned.
  • Since we can't seem to give away more than 40 vendor tables, how about setting aside some tables for other non-profit organizations that have similar interests to our at the next contest? (Veteran's Museum, Mustang Club, Saving Our Flying Heritage, etc)
  • We have also lost the parking from the east side of the building due to the removal of the runways, so parking will be a bit more crowded from here on out.

New Business

The Frist Center for the Arts has (had) an exhibit of Italian automobiles representing the "Italian Automotive Renaissance", and Tom Clark, Eli Geher and Curt Haskell went. There was also follow-up to the Lane Motor Museum which had put on complementary display from their selection of Italian automobiles. The group recommended the display (which was on for another weekend) for even the non-car guys.

Tom Clark received another request for help in locating a source for disposing of kits, and asked for suggestions so he could put together a list to help with future requests.

Show & Tell

Tom Clark had his M41 Walker Bulldog. It had been entered in the "Vintage" category at the show, so it was built Out of the Box. Tom finished it with the "Ammo by Mig" paint system, with a "modulated" paint scheme, and used the "chipping" method to simulate rust on the mufflers.
Eli Geher made a cockpit insert for 1/144 DC-4s to fill the cockpit cavity, and made a mold of it to make replicating the insert easier in the future.

Will Thorston continues with the never-ending Pzr IV H in 1/16 build, continuing to lay the smack-down on with that paintjob.

Mike Mueller brought in a old kit of the Monogram 1/24th Super Mod kit. This was old work, but he had reworked the tires from being whitewalls to something better resembling the real wheels.

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