Sunday, September 25, 2016

And done!

Thanks to everyone for attending our 40th show! We really appreciate the vendors, the modelers and IPMS club members we see each year at this time. Without you, we wouldn't have a show.

We had a total of 330 entries at the contest, which was our best attendance in years! Pictures and winners coming soon!

Monday, September 5, 2016

Contest logo shirts

I made up some contest logo shirts over at Click on the photos to go over there and take a look. You can change the color of shirt or style by using the menu on the left side of the screen once you get there.

A pair of examples!
The baseball shirt
Click here to order a white shirt.

Click here to order a grey shirt.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

No Meeting Monday, 5 September

Just a friendly reminder to everybody that we won't be meeting this Monday because of Labor Day. Next meeting is Monday, 12 September. 

Monday, August 29, 2016

2016 IPMS Nationals Photo Gallery

Tom Clark's Flickr photo gallery from the 2016 IPMS Nationals, from Columbia, South Carolina.

2016 IPMS Nationals Columbia, SC

Thursday, August 11, 2016

August 2016 Meeting Minutes

Meeting convened approximately 7:00 pm in the upper room at The Deep. President Ed "El Guapo" Maslin wielding the gavel.

Old Business

2016 Contest

  • Tom Clark has researched trophies, and determined that the club can get engraved acrylic trophies with a full-color logo printed on them for about $40 each, which is less than the target price of $60 each. Turnaround is less than a week. 
  • Dave Lanteigne will get the business license taken care of, and see about doing a PSA for the show.
  • Andy Brezinski thanked the volunteer (and volunteered) head judges for the contest, and asked for designated alternates:
    • Armor - Ray Bushnell
    • Auto - Ed Maslin
    • Aircraft - Mark Saunders
    • Misc - to be named later
    • Guidance for the judges: Use the IPMS rules, and HPMS rules where they differ; stick around after judging; and sign the category judging sheets
  • Tom contacted Clay at Mastermind Models, and they will support a Grex table and demonstration at the show.
  • The show table layout needs to be looked at to accommodate the special category, and the slot-car track that Pete Shreves will likely bring. Likewise, there may be cake as well.
  • Tom will do inventory on the contest supplies and identify anything that needs replacement/replenishment.

New Business

  • Tom Clark proposed a group trip to the Frist Center in Nashville to see the exhibit on Italian sports cars that is there until 10 October. Tom will submit a questionnaire to the mailing list to see who might be interested.

Show and Tell

  • Tom Clark brought two small figures from Hangar 18 Miniatures. The figures are based off of artwork by a pin-up artist named Andrew Bawidamann. Tom had the unassembled Cosmonaut and Tiger Tank Girl figures.
  • Andy Brezinski had the completed cab of his Intergraph "Enhanced 911" Demonstration truck, with a complete interior. 
  • Mark Saunders had his MiG 19 and an F-16. The MiG is being metalized, and Mark talked about his experiments with metalizer and undercoats. The F-16 is being painted as the original General Dynamics YF-16 demonstrator for the "Vintage" category at the contest.
  • Eli Geher had his completed Martin 404 airliner, an low-production turboprop that first brought him to Huntsville (in Southern Airways markings).
  • Will Thorson brought his SU-76, an in process M3 Bradley scout vehicle, and a 1/16 Panzer IV.
  • Trevor Bennett brought a number of things to establish his modeling creds: an M2A3 Bradley with BUSK, a Panther mine trawl, a T-62, an MRAP All-Terrain Vehicle, a Zaku II mech, a zombie-crushing LAV, a Czech anti-aircraft vehicle, his in-process Husky mine detector, and a sports car.

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